Never heard of Bullmoose, is the stuff they sell actually "new" cause those prices are amazing....almost too amazing, lol. I picked up Christine, the Avenger's movie and I would have snagged 2001 but it said in store only :(

I've used Bull Moose for a few years now.  They sell new titles just like any other retailer (their listing will tell you if it is new or used).  They have a loyalty Rewards program and are tax-free in most states.  That said, I wouldn't be surprised if they get hammered today and tomorrow and may take a while to fulfill orders as I believe they mostly ship out of their retail stores.  Their big 4K sale was advertised as in-store only so its a bit surprising they allowed them to be sold online.  I wouldn't be surprised if they cut the online portion of it off at some point.

All their BF game sales right now are in-store only.

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