DemonKysho's "Kept you waiting Huh" Giveaways!

[quote name='kburns10']Not actually interested in Minecraft but wanted to say thanks for doing this for the CAG community![/QUOTE]

People did read the first post right....
Subscribed to you on YT = aaqibi

Will do on Twitter, It's just that it's not loading for me right now, Says servers for your area are being moved, Thanks for patience and support

EDIT = Twitter: Aaqib Pervaiz
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[quote name='DemonKysho']People did read the first post right....[/QUOTE] I'm sure they did but the only thing I think they saw was the links to enter contest and what's up for the giveaway

Thanks for the shot, and thanks for sharing with the community, great to have members like yourself.
So i updated the original post, i do really hate quoting myself. When you get a chance skim across it, i hope you understand my message.

Time really flies when your waiting for diablo 3's servers to come back online.
So i updated the original post, i do really hate quoting myself. When you get a chance skim across it, i hope you understand my message.

Just a reminder that the contest signups end today.
Yeah, there was a minor snaffu for this week. Things should be all well by next week. But look at how far we have come...

::sniff:: i get teary eyed just thinking about it. By tears i mean a lot of blood rushing and by eyes i mean phallic.
Hehe...well, I subscribed & followed your accounts.

Youtube: ShinoBells
Twitter: Walter Plug

Thanks for the opportunity(ies).

- Delsus
Youtube: InfernoChaos
Twitter: MaliciousHobo

Will take a gander at your videos to see how they are, I can already see you have great tates on movies though based on your twitter! Old Boy is a fantastic!
"Oh no, there hasn't been one of my giveaways for over two weeks? He died"
"It wasn't that fun or interesting anyway"
"I had him inside of me"
"Was in his fight club the other night"
"Heard he fell into a deep coma inside a MMO and can't log out"
"Maybe he took a break"

A couple of those statements are true, appreciate your enthusiasm CAG's i really do. I do need more though if i am supposed to drop the big-guns down. Think of it like that Goku Spirit-Ball scenario, it's only as powerful as you make it.

Then again at the moment i haven't slept in at least a day or more, so it's nice not having to pretend to know what i'm talking about. Can't blame me for trying to use up all my free-time, WHICH DOES NOT ROLL OVER.

Any who i'll do something nice next week.
Long time no givey givey, i got my hands on a few gamestock instant win codes.

Know this, you can only put in one a day. If you try to put in a different code on the same day it will make that code invalid.

redeem them at




followed on twitter, subbed on youtube... thanks for the opportunity! :)

@cheesepile [twitter] / cheesepile76 [youtube]
I dont want to keep spamming my post with constant posts for gamestock codes, so loyal twits you will see some tweets.
MAYBE A Few more though...

Twitter: @Franny_Chan
Youtube: Frances Nieto

And I used one of your Twitter gamestock codes:
(Won another avatar prop. :lol: )

Thanks for the giveaways. :)
More gamestock codes, today's the last day and i have a LOT to give out
bread's done