Disney Infinity Accessories Giveaway! (CLOSED - Winner PM'd)

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It's been awhile since I've done a giveaway, so let's get started shall we?
It's very simple actually.  I've recently jumped into the Disney Infinity universe and I acquired a few duplicates.  So instead of trying to sell or trade them, I figure why not just give them away to one lucky CAG?
The giveaway includes the following, also pictured above:
- Randy figure [Ablities: Aside from the standard dash/charge like Mike and Sully have, Randy has the unique ability to cloak himself when in his "sneak" mode (Hold Left Trigger).  This makes him the best character to use when on sneak missions to get the drop on enemies.  Of course if you get to close to them or in point blank of their line of sight, they will still detect you.]
- Tangled Skydome Power Disc [changes the aerial appearance in the Toy Box to a night sky filled with floating lanterns a castle in the background.]
- Alice in Wonderland Texture Set [adds an "Alice in Wonderland" (animated film) theme to Toy Box terrain objects.]
- (RARE) Abu the Elephant [adds the elephant version of Abu from "Aladdin" into the Toy Box.]

Contest will end Sunday night at 10pm CDT and is open to US residents only.  (Sorry, it's just to cut down on shipping, after all, I am a CAG - I still [heart] you rest of the world!)
Rules are simple, and since I'd like to see them go to someone who already has the game, take a picture of your current Disney Infinity collection, and be sure to include your CAG username in the picture so I know it's actually your collection.  It doesn't matter if your just starting out, or you've already grown an impressive collection, because all eligible CAG's will be thrown into a random generator and a winner will be spit out, so everyone has the same chance.
Remember, only one entry per CAG, and good luck!
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Took the pic while the kids were playing!  If we're lucky enough to be a winner, we do already have the Alice in Wonderland Disc.  

Thanks for doing this contest. Here's hoping! My wife and I bought this with some of our wedding money! One of the first games she's shown a strong interest in and we both can't wait to get home with it. 

hopefully this worked 

thanks for the contest im really enjoying collecting these with my son

still waiting on our starter pack

Alright folks, with 15 entrants, I just assigned every the number at which they posted, and with that said, Random.org chose #3...  etcrane!  Congrats, and thanks to everyone that entered!  Don't worry, as I get any dups, this is what I'll do, give them back to the community that has given me a lot over the years!  So, until next time.  Take care!

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My pleasure!  Just to let everyone know, be on the lookout for another contest soon, where the prize(s) with be a lot better, exclusive if you will...

bread's done