Do you guys finish all your games?


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This question has probably been asked a few (or many) times, but I'm just curious if you guys finish all your games. Seeing the number of games in the various "post pics of your collection" threads, I can't help but think that people play all their 2500+ game collections to completion.

So, I'm just looking to see how big of a collection of games you have and about how many you've finished (or a percent is fine).

I have around 215 games and I've finished about half of them. Most of my RPGs have been touched once and not again for six years (Final Fantasy VIII), but most of my action games are complete.
No. The really sad thing is sometimes I get really far into a game (I'm less then 3 hours away from beating it) and I just stop. I don't know why I just stop, but I do.
[quote name='Kaijufan']No. The really sad thing is sometimes I get really far into a game (I'm less then 3 hours away from beating it) and I just stop. I don't know why I just stop, but I do.[/quote]I have that problem too, i don't know why :cry: I have about 62 games and i've beaten probably 30% of them
I never had a problem finishing games until I came onto CAG. I saw so many deals and bought so many games that I'm backlogged up the arse.
At this point I have at least beaten all of my games. The problem is that I'm a completionist and that I obsess over getting 100 percent on all of them. I was good about not buying games for a while but I picked up the last SotC with the normal copy in my area that I could find today. That's going to be my last game until the Wii comes out or I'm going to go insane trying to dig out of my backlog.
Simply Answer, No, I get new games and forget about the old ones, then i just get more stuff to distract me and I never make it back to the game.
What is wrong with you people? You buy games and dont beat them? Well I guess if I had that many games it would be diffrent, but I'm fortunate to have over 15 games, and I have about 5 more to beat 100%

If you have some you dont think you will ever beat, give them to me, I'm dying for some new games
I never beat games. I get bored playing most of them. I beat RE 4. Came close to beating God of War (just stopped one day when i was doing the challenges) and never started again. Other then RE4 i can't remember the last game i played the whole way through. Most of them just don't hold my interest long enough. Same way with movies. I can't sit the whole way through many movies.
Yes, I have beaten over 120 games this generation. I only beat the story mode usually though, but to me that it beating the game. I used to obsess over getting every last widget in the game, but I realized it was making gaming a chore, and I was spending too much time with gamefaqs to make sure I didn't miss anything. It really took all the fun out of the game being a completionist.
[quote name='iheartmetal']yes... but sometimes it takes me a really really really long time.[/QUOTE]

same here. Plus I always thought if I had too many games that I never beat I'd be like "butter spread over too much bread"
I have I guess like 30-40 games total and there's a few I havent tried i'd say like 20 percent, (I havent even opened tales of phantastia from the CC sale and Ive been wanting to :[) I usually buy games, if I REALLY like them, I'll keep them, if I dont really like them, or I feel like I wont touch it anymore, I trade it to hastings.
Out of the 200 or so games in my collection, I have completed about 20% of them. I don't think that % will ever change by much. Seems like everytime I compete one game, I end up buying 5 additional games in my collection. What is weird is that most of the games that I have play thru are RPG games. Even though I love long and deep RPGs, I hate playing thru them more than once (Damn you Suikoden V for having giving me a suckie ending just because I didn't read a guide as I'm playing the game. Same thing for Valykrie Profile. How the hell are normal people suppose get the A ending without reading an online guide?!). I love RPGs but if I set the adventure/action games a little higher in terms of priority, then I might get something.
Ya thats true about the completionist thing. I Realized it when I played TOS. That game is just so so so hard to beat 100%...some games are more fun to beat 100% though, like SM64, but some, like ToS, require constant looking at gamefaqs and stuff...I couldn't play for more than 5 minutes without having to run to my comp and see what to do next. So now if its like a mario game or something that requires a few more items to get a different ending or something like Crash bandicoot, I might slowly complete 100% because these type are actually kinda fun. When I play games like ToS though, or FE:pOR, heck no will I play through POR 15 times, since thats just far too many, and ToS is just far too much work to get all the titles and actually transfer them over game after game. So ya some games I still like to complete if they're easy and kinda fun, some are just like "Use this weapon till the end of the game" or "Scan every monster with a freaking lens" or "Use this skill 10000 times" Just boring stuff...and with not much of a reward.

Oh ya but I do finish all of my games, usually I'm really addicted to them and finish them quickly because I cant put em down, and I also usually dont feel like playing them towards the end, especially RPGS, but I do it slowly anyway because I cant just let 50 hours go to waste because I didnt play the last 2 hours....gotta see the end at least xD. I probably have like 15-20 games...only game I took like half a year to beat is Viewtiful Joe...I didnt even feel like playing the last boss, but I finally beat the game the otehr day and it only took me like 2 days >
For me it depends on the game. If I enjoy it, I will finish it. If not, it sits on the shelf. This site really has me backlogged.
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