Doom Switch - $12 in store error at Walmart ymmv


They mistakingly marked switch to match the Black Friday Xbox pricing, you just buy in store, brick seek is not accurate, if you get push back show them the ad because it's not there and rings up legitimately
I was able to pick up a copy of Doom! Sadly no stores seem to have Diablo 3 in stock near me.

Still thank you so much for posting this I really wanted Doom for the switch.

(By the way I had to wait a while for a register person and they did specifically ask if it was a Black Friday deal . I said no and it rang up fine)
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I don't wanna be that guy but it trades in at GameStop for $22 with Pro. I just traded in a copy and kept one for myself. I don't own a Switch but maybe someday.
any other good flips?
Believe it or not, I don't think so. Since the lowest price that most stores are selling their games for Black Friday is $15, there isn't another flip opportunity that I was able to find by plugging in the titles into the trade value checker on the GameStop website. For instance, Target is selling Monster Hunter World for $15, and the trade value was only $6. GameStop is finally wising up...sort of.
Diablo rings at 17, not 12. It’s a mistake but it’s the only thing that got me to go to a physical store for bf sales!
Picked up two copies of doom one to gift and one to keep for when I get a switch. Also got Resident evil 7 gold for $17 for PS4.

I was hoping I'd be able to go later once the herds died down, but looks like people caught wind of it. Brickseek shows everything gone now

Doesn't even show up in the app for me. Oh well. It'll drop in price somewhere down the line. Grats to anyone who got one.
Just came from a store and it showed up on the app but showed OOS though it was right in front of me. Must just be a result of the glitch. Keep checking even if it shows OOS.

Pic: Showing it was OOS before I paid for it.


Doesn't even show up in the app for me. Oh well. It'll drop in price somewhere down the line. Grats to anyone who got one.
You have to search in the online section of the app and then click in store pickup to see a list of the stores that might have it. Most will say out of stock or limited stock. If you search using your home store, you probably won’t have it pop up.
I was able to score Doom still at 2:05am Eastern not sure when prices are supposed to go back up on general items or they are keeping the sale for another day.

Yeah idk, general consensus is that it's an error that matches the Xbox pricing but seems they never corrected, Diablo definitely shouldn't be priced so deep
Its 3am here and I was able to find a Diablo but didn't know about debating if I should go back out.
Swung by in case. Asked employee because they weren't in the case. Both gonezo. Car dead in the parking lot. $6 jumper cables on sale.

Waiting for my uncle.

Great black Friday.
I really freaking want Diablo 3. Doom too, but Diablo especially. I don't mean to spam this, so my bad. Just frustrated cuz it's an awesome deal
Anyone able to help a fellow CAG on this one? Every store around me and my family either don’t have it in stock or they are sold out totally. Rilling to get my hands on a copy of Diablo three.
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I got a copy of DOOOOOOOMMMM for myself and my cousin. Awesome deal and no one was touching it due to the $59.99 tag on the shelf
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