Download free GTA, GTA2 from Rockstar

[quote name='Mono`']Rockstar Classics (free downloads series)[/QUOTE]

While you're back there, preorder a couple things for me, okay? Specifically the Shin Megami and Mario DDR mix. And i'm going to send you an XBox 360, make sure to sell it for $10000, since it's not out yet in the year you're from.

EDIT: fwiw, mtx, I liked your "welcome to last year" better.. especially since it was May of 04.. so.. a year and a half ago :D
[quote name='capitalist_mao']Too bad GTA and GTA2 suck.[/QUOTE]

GTA, yeah, but I love GTA2! Come on, give it a try. The gang system in it makes it worth playing.
GTA 2>>>>> 3d GTA. at least, for those of us who dont have 100 years to play through them.
[quote name='cyrix`']I hated when you went faster the camera moved away, it freaking got me like sick.[/QUOTE]

I didn't like how hard it was to see where you were going.
bread's done