Eric Bischoff Controversy Creates Cash $2 on WWEShop


I'm guessing this is a price mistake, but who knows. I ordered one for myself anyway. The hardcover is listed at $2 while the paperback is $5. For comparison, the paperback on Amazon is currently $12.

If you get the hardcover your total will come to about $7 with shipping. Not a bad price for anyone interested in this.

Link to the page on WWEShop
no its not a price mistake. they have it marked down like that i bet is because he is with TNA now and they just want to get rid of anything that has to do with him.
Definitely not a mistake. Bischoff (who now works for TNA) made a comment the other day about how he just received a quarterly royalty check from the book for $50,000. I guess WWE dropping the price of the book so drastically might cause him to think before he speaks next time...or not!
I read that on a wrestling news site, got_rock, but I wasn't sure if it was for real. Pretty funny if it's true...
Ok wow I guess it is for real. He responded to it on his facebook page:

" popular demand, my thoughts on the current sales price of my book on WWE Shopzone: (a) I think its great! More press, more market activity=more money. (b) I love that the bitches are "selling"! Appearently WWE executives are fans of my page; WELCOME! (c) Most of my books are being sold through Amazon "
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