fast and furious 6 movie set for 11.88 (blu ray) 8.31 (dvd) @target after cartwheel and price match !

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Target for today only has a cartwheel coupon for 76% off the fast and furious collection and amazon has both versions on sale. Price match and stack for a absolute steal !!!! Here's the links for both versions

Blu ray


go go go !!!!!
So $14.40 if you can't get them to match Amazon. Still a good price, may be worth the couple extra bucks to not have to try and get them to PM and let you use cartwheel.

Just read some comments online. This is apparently only valid on the DVD set. Can anyone confirm they've used it on the Blu-Ray?

Just read some comments online. This is apparently only valid on the DVD set. Can anyone confirm they've used it on the Blu-Ray?
I'm hoping I can speak to a manager to push it through or something. The fine print doesn't say it excludes blu-ray.

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Just read some comments online. This is apparently only valid on the DVD set. Can anyone confirm they've used it on the Blu-Ray?
I just bought the blu ray for $14 something plus tax. It works, the lady scanned the Barcode I had on my phone.
I just bought the blu ray for $14 something plus tax. It works, the lady scanned the Barcode I had on my phone.
I can confirm this too. Target must have changed what Cartwheel covers due to the error. If you scan the blu-ray in store it actually doesn't come up with anything available. $14 and change for the 6 movie set is a steal.

Lol. I had two other people come in asking the employee when he gave it to me. They would not pm with cartwheel, but did let it be used on blu ray. Not bad for $14,40
I called the store this morning to put it on hold for me. Went to the customer service desk. Ask if they price match Walmart. Showed her their website brought it down to 49.99 then had ask scan the cart wheel. She was shock at the new price of 11.89. Great deal!!! Got this on Blu ray
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I can't even find a copy in San Jose on BD. Oh well, good find OP. Also of note the Cartwheel app shows it being redeemed 5,105 times so it may be scarce in many areas so you may want to act fast.
My store wouldn't do the PM and the Cartwheel (or rather, she said the Cartwheel had to be scanned first and then I could PM if it was still higher). Still, $14.xx is pretty good for the 3 movies I wanted out of the set.

If you can manage a PM, Best Buy has it for $39.99:
What!!! I could have gotten it cheaper if I knew BB had it for $39.99. Still $11.89 wasn't bad. They were surprised and even told me if that was real because they haven't seen such a good discount in the cartwheel I thought they were going to denied me after it went down so much.

Would anyone be open to picking one up for me and I can pay pal you the money? It's sold out in literally every single store around me.

Store manager at my local store will definitely says it double dipping. Hardly get good deals at target coz of that manager. Even the associates are trained better. Grrr.
Thanks for the heads up on this, OP! I ended up getting the Fast and Furious collection and About Time for $22. I have to start paying a bit more attention to that Cartwheel app.

I called local Target (Independence, MO 64057) around 5:30PM, They checked have 1 in stock i asked them they able to put on hold for me & i will be there in 15 minutes.  I arrived and the item is SOLD, I kinda upset & ask the girl check see any more in the back room (OOS), I about to take off, she call her manager: Jake Russell.

Not sure what she tell this guy "Jake Russell." story.  He show up without any word "apologize or sorry". Instead jump into the story that his team member told me we don't hold the item and it's my mistake rushing show up his store.  He corrected my grammar, and chop off my line few times (very un-professional)  We asian people we call him: Smartass, American people call him: Asshole, Jerk or white trash. 

1st I thought Mr. Jake Russell pick up a phone and call another store & put it 1 on hold for me instead fighting with customer.  We walk closed by the door i about to exit the door.  Before i exit i told him: You are very luck that i not pissed off, I about to exit the door. He cut me off my line,  and raised his voice loud, Did you say I lucky. "Are you threating me"?  I told him i am not. He keeps saying it.   I put my hand up.  I don't want to talk to you no more: i want your corporate phone number. 

We walk from the Postcard isle to customer service desk and he keep saying i threating him for the whole times and threating me he will banned me from the store.  I laugh at hime and I told him, you are the one who threating me the whole times, pick up the paper with his name, store number,  and i walk off.  I will call the corporate tomorrow.  Target should make this GUY Take Guest Service Class and teach him how to do a guest service instead escalating things.

In the End I thanks to Mr. Jake Russell. I end up save extra $15 today  and $200 - $400 every month (Average 3-4 thousand a year) From now and later i will not  step my foot in any local Target stores. I will call target corporate tomorrow,  Cancel my Target Card, and pay my last bill.  I 'm done with Target.

He sure give me a good reasons to chop off my bill & save $$$  ;)

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I kind of wanted to wait until these movies were done with before I bought any box sets, but that price is too good to pass up. Unfortunately no go at my Target as there's none in stock.

Only needed the 1st 4 but couldn't pass this up..... price matched Best Buy, used Cartwheel app and purchased it for $9.87 right before the store closed... got the last copy on the shelf

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Damn, today was my only chance to try and grab it.  Might get lucky at Best Buy, if some of my regulars are working I may be able to get them to price match, even though I know it's against policy.  

I got the Blu-Ray yesterday but I forgot to price-match Best Buy.  From what I read on Slickdeals this morning they changed the coupon to exclude the Blu-Ray version.  

Thanks Straight Edge Follower, I was able to go to Target last night and get it for $12.xx on Blu-Ray.

First one I went to only had the DVD version, but I got lucky at the next one.

Can anyone confirm if the coupon still works with Blu-rays even though they've changed the wording?

Yes it works 100% for the Blu-ray, I just did it about an hour ago. The app says it excludes Blu-ray but it will still work.?
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