[FINISHED] Cheap Ass Gamer $10,000+ GameStop Gift Card Giveaway

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Awesome contest. GS has really been making an effort to be competitive with Amazon and other retailers, and my cheap ass loves it!
Sounds great. Big risk for Gamestop if their ads don't generate more interest. If it does, Cheapy D cxould fins himself dealing with more such requests by oher companies. Which is great news for us.
Entered; can't wait to find out I didn't win, but maybe my luck will change...should have my wife enter since she's the lucky one always winning things :)
I'd probably use it to get a black Wii since they were announced, no joke, TWO days after i had bought a white one.

Argh I'm angry about that.
I hope I win so I can finally get a PS3 and own all three consoles for this generation.

Thanks Cheapy for doing this promotion!
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