[FINISHED] Cheap Ass Gamer $10,000+ GameStop Gift Card Giveaway

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This contest has added at least one more person to this sites' regulars. Cheapy is it? Pleasure to meet you, name's BoomaOwl. You can call me Booma. *sniff*... This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
new member but have been following for quite some time. i love this site and didn't realize what i was missing out on.
Lots of chances to win, nice. Gamestop is becoming more and more likable, like EB was to me. I've bought tons of stuff from them lately. Lots of good deals. I like how they are trying harder.
I could definitely use a $200 GC at gamestop :)
My backlog, although still sizeable, is getting smaller, and there are a few must-have games I still need to get.
Free is better than cheap
[quote name='fortfrolic13']I hate gamestop with every fiber of my being...that being said I'm all about the freebies...[/QUOTE]



When I was in middle school ~ high school, I went out to the mall often to go to GameStop. If I had money to buy something new, then I was lucky but I found myself having to resort to those awful trade-in's.

Not only were the trade-in credits horrible, they sometimes tried to sell me "gutted" copies of a game at full price.


I hate that.

That and:

- annoying people in the store
- annoying employees that often don't know what they're talking about
- poor quality used games (not to mention those stickers they put on the covers and somtimes on the actual box art)
- employees asking for all these dumb offers

Because of that, it's been YEARS AND YEARS since I visited GameStop (the store). I also haven't been doing any shopping with them online.

My alternative? Mainly Amazon and GameExpress. Awesome online retailers though I shop 99% of the time at Amazon.

I love their customer service, prices are always lower than the full retail price, no tax, great shipping, and they often have that thing where I pre-order a big name game and get $10 towards my next game related purchase from Amazon.


With this contest, I managed to get those 8 "tickets" and I'm hoping I win. If I get a few, I might give some away to like a friend or a cousin who might want a game or something.

But in short...

1. I don't like GameStop and their business practices.
2. Freebies are fun.
3. I wouldn't mind buying stuff from GameStop if I didn't have to pay my own money. I mean who doesn't like freebies?

Great contest ... I really didn't use any of the other features of this site other than browsing the deals message boards until I had to complete some of the tasks to get tickets, looks like I'll be spending some more time on this site now and actually using those other features, Thanks!
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