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 Anybody into bodybuilding or general fitness? Newcomers looking for nutrition advice? What's your workout routine?

I go to the gym for only reason - I wanna lose some weight and stay fit. My trainer also advised me to keep on a healthy diet + try cool sculpting procedures to burn fat cells faster. I've alredy made a few procedures in local med spa clinic in NYC and I already see the great results. Planning to make at least 5 procedures and start running every morning. 

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I probably should be taking more of an interest in macronutrients I eat but for now I'm content in calorie counting and maintaining a good BMI. One day I'll have room for a home gym, one day. . .

Woot, bout time we get a fitness thread :)

I started lifting just over two years ago.  Here's a comparison from January 2016 vs December 2018, grew from about 174 lb to 184 lb (6'2" tall for reference): (semi nsfw I guess)

Currently doing a split between chest / back / shoulders (no legs because they're already as big as I want em).  I've been doing 4-6 days/week for years but I'm trying something new now by slowing it down to every other day.  Seems like the extra recovery is helping, because my strength is going up again, after months of being kinda stuck in place.  At 30, maybe I'm just too old now to adequately recover in time for 6 day/week programs...

I've lost around 92 pounds since January of 2018, but I'm still pretty big. Trying to lose an additional 70. I was yanked off of a bunch of psychiatric meds a few years ago and more than doubled my body weight. It was a lot easier to put on than it has been taking it off, I can tell you that.

I used to go to gym at my youth, but nowadays I just don't have time for this. What a shame...

Hi, everybody. I think that every man who loves himself wants to have a beautiful body, but does not want to train for a long time. If you want to pump up your body quickly, then you have come to the right place. Let's start with a brief background on how I got to know this site. I've always been a lazy fat man and even though I wanted to have an athletic body, I couldn't do anything with myself. At one point, my friend decided to take care of my health. He bought me awesome substances that accelerated the process of fat burning and muscle growth. I'm talking about BPC 157 . They are as safe and effective as possible, so I advise you to try it because in a couple of months I was able to lose my weight.

Underrated Topic. I was working out for only about a month a while back, lifting weights and walking around town for 1 hour early each morning this summer (because of the heat). And it's still pretty surprising how well something as simple as that was enough to make me build muscle quickly. When I started, I didn't research how to exercise properly and learned mostly overtime from my family and through trial and error, until I eventually looked it up online for the stuff like how to do lunges/squats the right way. Not sure if it's a problem with my knees and shins, but when I blindly tried doing squats without knowing how to do them, it really fucked up my legs for a solid week.

The two points I was trying to drive home was that once you get into the habit of exercising, it becomes a lot easier than just starting it out of nowhere. And the other point was that you should definitely do your research before doing exercises that you're not familiar with doing. You can hurt yourself that way, but I'm sure most people aren't as... we'll say, "silly" as me when it comes to this.

One last thing, consuming protein is mandatory to build muscle. There's no way around it. Personally, I ended up buying some big 5 pound tub/jar of protein powder and made sure to follow the directions (on the jar) as best as I possibly could. If you can't do that, then Peanut Butter, Meats, and I think tuna fish has good to decent amounts of protein in them. Oh yeah, and eggs.

I fucking love eggs.

Personally like doing fitness. Due to the quarantine, I bought myself sports equipment and now do it at home. Although most of all like to do yoga exercises. 

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