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Peanut butter flavored jellyfish storm the castle walls in a failed attempt to free the princess after realizing they are just peanut butter flavored jellyfish and not really capable of anything quite as extraordinary as freeing a princess in a castle!
Bagel Bites are a snack type pizza bagel.

Bagel Bites were invented by Stanley Garczynski and Bob Mosher, both of Fort Myers, Florida, and then later sold to a major food producer. It is currently owned by Heinz via the Ore-ida brand. The mini-bagels are topped with cheese and other pizza toppings. Bagel Bites are available in six flavors: Cheese & Pepperoni; Three Cheese; Cheese, Sausage & Pepperoni; Mozzarella Cheese; Supreme; and Extreme Nacho (sold only in Canada). Bagel Bites come in 9, 18, 40, and 72 count varieties. Bagel Bites are manufactured in Southwest Florida.

Bagel Bites also markets Stuffed Bagel Bites, which consists of the toppings on the inside of the bagel dough crust. The stuffed snacks are available in Pepperoni & Cheese and Three Cheese. Preparation of Bagel Bites involves either a microwave or an oven.

On June 17, 2009, the town of Mansfield, Massachusetts took a survey in which it voted Bagel Bites the #1 snack/lunchtime food.

During the 1990s, Bagel Bites ran a television commercial, most popular during children's programming, featuring the jingle:

" Pizza in the morning,
Pizza in the evenin',
Pizza at suppertime!
When pizza's on a bagel,
You can eat pizza anytime! ”

—Bagel Bites' 1990 commercial

The lyrics were altered from The McGuire Sisters' 1957 single Sugartime.
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