Free Injustice Arkham Skins (360)

[quote name='OddFull Metal']Thanks OP, got the code but does anyone know what happen with the other promo with I think with green arrow skin? I never got an email with a code like I thought I was and this reminded me.[/QUOTE]

Yeah same here
Got mine. Thanks, OP.

If I can get an additional code, I will gladly trade it for a Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360) online pass or a Bulletstorm (PS3) online pass.
Thanks! It worked.

You have to copy and paste using the button on the page. If you highlight and then right click to copy/paste it won't work. At least it didn't for me.
Did you check in game to see if it added the skins since its a EU DLC? I have not got the game yet but just want to make sure so i don't waste my time.
I must be doing something wrong. Had 2 " code already used" and 2 "code invalid".

Ok figured it out. Z and 2 look the same. Had to try different combinations.
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Great find m8t tks ..

It seems there is no need to wait 10mns .. i just clicked on the red button then it shows a new window to add friends but i just close that and the page refresh and the code shows :D ... a bug ? eheh
Can somebody please pm a code for Xbox, I keep trying but getting an error :(
Thanks, in advance
If someone could hook me up or exchange a 360 code Im willing to part with codes for Toy Soldiers and The Maw. I messed up and got a ps3 code thinking it would work on my US account. Before I get pounced on, yes I know this isn't trading thread and etc.... Just trying to get the skins myself.
[quote name='Hsith']Looking for a code too. If anyone wants to trade or sell PM me.[/QUOTE]

damn i just made a 3 codes drop a couple hours ago, if i shoulda know you wanted one i woulda hook you up with a code, hopefully someone else will give you one bro
yo, these are selling for about 10 bucks steady on ebay each.... 1 reccently sold for a crazy $60... lol i wonder if the buyer thought he was getting the full game.. shame i lost all my fake facebook accounts (damn you sweeden) i only got one 3 codes and sold them for cheap (compared to the ebay $$$) on Listia....
Didn't realize this was in such demand. I have a code that came in my copy of Injustice that I picked up from Wal-Mart today.
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