Free MMORPG's and more..


Well, I thought it'd be nice if I posted some free online games for people to enjoy so here we go... I will only add games that are COMPLETELY free.

Note: Some games are VERY large and will take ALONG time to download.

Seek & Dread Online- This game is like counter-strike except it's 2d. Very fun to play over 20,000 active users and alot of maps to choose from.

Endless Online- This is a 2d anime based online mmorpg. Once playing our online rpg you can become rich and famous, fight evil monsters, become a hero or live as a normal citizen.

Knight Online- A very good MMORPG with 3d graphics. You can choose different races Orc or Human, and lots more. A definate must download.

Rubies of Eventide- Like Knight Online its 3d and the graphics are stunning. It's like Everquest but with a twist.

BloodLust Online- Prepare to meet your new family... In this game your a vampire that is a part of a thousand-year old bloodline. You can recruit people in your clan and those you think are un-worthy you can get rid of them. With 3d graphics this is a must get.

R.O.S.E Online- Imagine a world that consist of seven planets. Each planet has it own environments and characters. Stunning 3d graphics (best I've seen for a free one).

America's Army Special Forces- America's Army provides players with the most authentic military experience available, from exploring the development of soldiers in individual and collective training to their deployment in simulated missions.

Another World Online- Great MMORPG that is updated almost every week.

Mu Online- Like Diablo, but not as good of graphics, but I'm a Diablo fan so this is one of my favs.

Star Kingdoms- This game requires no download and can be play with any type of connection. Your in a kingdom of about 19 other kingdoms that all in one sector. There are like 40 sectors total in the whole galaxy to explore.

Maple Story- This game looks good, anime type. I have not played this yet but I will. You can be a Warrior or settle down and build a house. You have to sign-up on the site for an account go here.

Runescape- This MMORPG was made with Shockwave. It is 3d, kinda like a N64 graphics. Very fun with THOUSANDS of people on. Make friends, complete quests, etc.. Very fun. Requires no download to play just make a screen name and character and choose a world and your in.

Conquer Online- Great game. Your a hero set out to fight evil and return justice back to the people. This is actually a MMOG or Massively Multi-user Online Game.

Little Fighter 2- Little Fighter 2 lets four players compete from the same keyboard, but up to eight players can duke it out in online battles. Starting an online game is easy, but finding an opponent isn't. There's no waiting lobby to find random adversaries, but once you have an IP address for a willing victim, you're ready to rumble.

GunZ Online- GunZ Online is game where you can create you own dream character and play as it, its not just some gun fight.. This game allows you to copy a famous, hero and/or person and you can create your own fashion. Very exciting and looks great.

Gunbound- In Gunbound your on this planet called Lond. You have to use strategy and your arsenal of weapons to survive.

I hope you enjoy the list :p but if you want more selection go here.
Mr. Anderson- yes it is unbalanced but i think there trying to fix it...

Ozzkev55- give me a link and ill add it to the list.
[quote name='Mr. Anderson']Thanks man. Though I've heard Knight is very, very unbalanced.[/QUOTE]
My brothers play it and the economy is very inflated. Other than that, it looks pretty good, but I'm not sure how it plays.

They also play or have played the following free MMOS.

Priston Tale - Free up to level 40.

Dark Eden - "Horror MMO", Diablo-like with Vampires and Hunters

Tibia - 2D MMO with a large user community around the world

Anarchy Online

This site has listing of free, beta, and trial MMOs.
ROSE online looks pretty neat, but is it only in japanese?

edit: nevermind I found the english page
You can add Runescape (found at and Kingdom of Loathing also.

Runescape is a free 3D game MMORPG, runs in a browser. From what little I've played, it is pretty extensive, even on the free version.

KOL also runs in a browser. It'll last you for a good month or two before you get to the end of it. It's really funny and isn't animated, so very low on resources. I'd suggest playing it to the end (really you just exhaust the quests). It's great entertainment while it lasts.
list updated.. added games that people postedand more. and radjago anarchy online isnt free just base version is the expansion packs cost like 20$$. I'm downloading Maple Story tonight and play tommorrow. I'm also looking for Counter-Strike v1.6 to get and ill add if i find.;)

I would like to ask you guys if you want me to add game development tool to the list?
Another missing from the list Conquer Online. TQ Digital had a sizable booth at E3 with dancers doing J Lo's "Get Right" but with conquer lyrics... damn song is still stuck in my head a month later.
ive heard of gunz i gotta get it :p ill add it sometime today.. visit my site sometime.. actually i just took games off of it and add them here but still its got game dev tools and links to other game sites and i added this cool flash intro :p
[quote name='grae60']ROSE online looks pretty neat, but is it only in japanese?

edit: nevermind I found the english page[/QUOTE]

Where is the english page? I can't seem to make an account.
Thanks for the list.......never tried any online games. I'm now playing Mu. Lotsa fun, just like Diablo. Very addicting!
[quote name='Strell']

KOL also runs in a browser. It'll last you for a good month or two before you get to the end of it. It's really funny and isn't animated, so very low on resources. I'd suggest playing it to the end (really you just exhaust the quests). It's great entertainment while it lasts.[/QUOTE]

A month or so? I'm going on a year of playing KoL. That game is damn adicting!:)

But the developer just rolled out a butt-load of content for KoL, so it deserves another plug.
Why doesn't anybody stick this? Free games are what this place is about.

Mount & Blade is also pretty cool, even if the controlling is bad and it's very simple.

Edit: My bad, M&B is actually shareware, but check it out anyway.

Back to MMO's, there's also Space Cowboys, an outer space shooter type.
lol some bumped this thx i guess i almost forgot about it. ill update it i guess. some of the games you mention are being updated.
[quote name='Wshakspear']

Amazing looking korean (in english)mmorpg...that will start back up in about 3 days. They decided to do some patch work to get the game farther along.[/QUOTE]

Wow, that looks interesting...Have you played it? Any lasting appeal, cause as mentioned some of these Korean MMO games get repetitive after a week or so for me. Eg: Gunbound, Gunz. Plus getting online seems to be a bitch with this one (from what I've seen on gamefaqs), and that was a pain in Gunz too...
Anyone play Maple Story? I've heard about it, and while heading over to GameFAQs to read up on Silkroad, I saw an ad for it that said "Now Available in Broken English," as if it was a real language.
I am downloading the client for silroad tonight. THe game looks awesome in the screen shots. I hope it is good. Anybody else play this yet?
I'm trying to recall the name of a online game I used to play. It was a galaxy conquest online game, just text and pictures. I really wish I could remember what it was called...
Well, Ultima Online can also be free if played on fan-made emulation servers. I mention UO (not EQ which has really horrible emulation) because from what I remember UO fan servers were quite well run and had a wide variety of rulesets to pick from. It's been a few years now, so not sure how active the scene still is.
Oi. I tried the Endless Online and was taken to a broken link. Anyone else wanna confirm this, or is it just my browser?
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