FREE Thief Gold Edition Amazon and Steam Key


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When I type in the key it says invalid on Zon' Anyone else getting same error? That because there are no more avail?
Took me 10 tries before I got a code that worked...

I had to use two emails in order to get a working code. First one didn't work. Weird.

Wondering this as well.
You get a CD key for the game after you buy it on Amazon. You put that CD key into Steam and it'll get added.

Yeah, got about 20 different codes and not a single one was valid.  Not even waiting time in between receiving and trying to purchase, so I'm assuming this whole deal is FUBAR if it even worked for people within the last 30 minutes like some have said.  Now there are no more codes.  Whatever...

Just tried a minute ago. Got a code and it was valid on first try.

Bought the product from Amazon for free  :D/

As mentioned earlier, free is free. Though not sure when I would play the game!

Got my code, but when I add the game to my cart it automatically wants to add my current gift card credit to pay for it. It says the code is invalid. Oh well.

Hopefully they don't get upset about the multiple attempts at codes

By the fourth code I was just writing gibberish into the fields to get a code spawn

bread's done