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Hey everyone, I'm asking you all what the best gaming Laptop is out there, well not maybe the best but one around $1600 nothing in the $3000 range. Mainly I'm looking for something that can run World of Warcraft at a good speed. If there aren't any at that price then give me some suggestions and I can watch to see if the price goes down. Also, if there are any coming out soon I should wait for please tell me too. I'm new to the whole PC gaming thing cause my comp sucks and I just wanna make sure I get a one, well the best I can with a laptop (yes I know it'd be better to get a desktop but a laptop is what I need). Thank you
There are plenty of gaming laptops below $1600. Alienware and Dell both have very affordable laptops (in the $1200-$1400 range) that will have the nVidia 6800 Go 256MB PCI Express. For $1600 you'll have lots of headrooms to select better parts such as bigger HD, more RAM, faster CPU, better screen, etc. Alienware m5700 and Dell Inspiron 9300 are what I would recommend based on best bang for the bucks. There are many other companies that sell gaming laptops such as Falcon, Voodoo, and Hypersonic, and they all have similarly powerful (or slightly more powerful) versions for much more $$$.

Other mobile video card alternatives are nVidia 6600 Go, ATI Mobility 9800, Mobility 9700, and X700 that you can also buy along w/ your laptop configurations, but none are as fast as the 6800 Go. But if all you really play is WoW, any of the above would be fine, but if you're thinking about running other games like FPS or future games, the 6800 Go fits your budget very nicely and at the same time able to run modern games w/o lowering your details and resolutions. 7800 Go GTX is coming out very soon, but they'll probably run you around $2000 for a laptop setup.

I personally have the Dell 9300 w/ the 6800 Go on it. It runs like a charm. I play FEAR, HL2, Guild Wars, & CoD2 on this and they all run very nice at 1024x768. The only thing you'll give up for a gaming laptop is the size of the laptop. They'll be 8, 9 lbs monsters w/ 17" screens. So if you want portability and average gaming, then go for 6600 Go, m9800, m9700, X700 instead.
I just got an HP zv6270 which has served me well with Half Life 2, Guild Wars, Vampire: the Masquerade and a WoW demo. comes with a 100gig hd, built in wireless card, 15.4" sceen, DVD burner and a gig of RAM. The vid card, Radeon X200, will get outdated soon enough, if it hasn't already, but it runs all the stuff I want.
$1250 after rebates.
[quote name='Rhett'] Best bang for you're buck. Alienware and Dell are overpriced. Alienware is class + power with a little extra buck. Dell, extra price, dull looking, mediocre're choice.[/QUOTE]

I bought from Sager before, I actually think they're the one that is overpriced. You are actually paying more money for inferior parts. And I need to point out that Sager laptops are noisy laptops when comparing to Dell's, plus somehow Sager laptops are heavy even for 15". Although I don't doubt Sager's quality (their laptops are solid build), but their customer service is awfully bad (so is Dell's, actually). This is where Alienware comes in, even though some of their laptops are rebadged Sagers, their customer service is pretty good. Dell laptops are actually cheap as they have promotions every month (less so now than did this past summer). I've bought an Inspiron 9300 and 6000 this past summer from Dell, and I paid the same price for two Dells as Sager would charge for one laptop. Go figure.

Edit: here is a nice link to look up some notebook information. I would recommend Sager if and only if you can get them at lower price (~$300 under MSRP), which is difficult since they charge near full price to vendors as well. I don't know why people would say Dell is overpriced, when they're clearly not (except for the high end XPS2/M170).
Dell used to be pretty much the only choice for good gaming laptop a few years ago, when they were the only ones putting in decent video cards in them. Now your choices are a bit wider. Sager has been around, but to be honest, I haven't seen much from them price/perfomance wise.

Well, Alienware is just expensive, that is nice and expensive. :)
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