Gog.com has Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition (PC or Mac) for Free.

Thanks OP. Was actually about to buy this earlier last month but its great to get it for free now.
These freebies always attract new GOG members. There are a bunch of always free games on the service as well that may as well add while you're at it. Go to the catalog and select free from the price option on the left.
[quote name='TctclMvPhase']Is this limited time or will it just be added to the normal freebies catalog?[/QUOTE]

2 days only

expires Friday, December 14, at 14:59 GMT
I still got DN3D + Plutonium on CD's from back in the day.

Awesome deal from GOG! :D
A nice and easy install now for DN3D for me.
Won't have to patch-up anymore or anything of that sort.
They have so many amazing games on sale right now too! $2.99 for hundreds of great titles. Absolutely the best gaming bang for your buck!
Thanks OP! Love me some old school Duke Nukem. Damn I feel old, some of my gaming memories are: I remember VIVIDLY the exact day Warcraft 2 PC came out, as well as the exact day Duke Nukem 3D came out.
[quote name='Blackout']I'm a PC noob. How do you install the High Res mod for the GOG download?[/QUOTE]

I just did it and it was a little confusing reading about how to do it but it is actually simple:

Install the game from GOG, it will end up in a folder called Duke Nukem 3D

Download eduke32 from here, and extract the files into a folder named eduke32_latest

Go to the game installation folder (the one from GOG named Duke Nukem 3D) and copy/paste TWO files: the file "DUKE.RTS" and the file "DUKE" (the "DUKE" file is about 43MB and is likely labeled a "Microsoft Program Group" type of file) into the folder eduke32_latest

Download the high res pack from here , it is a big file (about 708MB). When you open it, it will extract its contents into a folder named Duke3D

Open the high res pack folder Duke3D, and move the folder named autoload into the folder eduke32_latest

That's it!

To play, open the file called eduke32 (it has a blue nuclear symbol, and you can find it in the eduke32_latest folder or a shortcut to it is on your desktop). Do NOT use the Duke Nukem 3D shortcut created by the GOG installation.

Once the eduke32 program is running, you can change your resolution, check the box that says Polymer, and make sure you check the box that says Enable "autoload" folder, and also select "autoload" from the drop down box under Custom game content directory.

Now you have mouse control and fancy graphics!
I signed up, to get this, checked my email, and they gave me ten other free games too, for some reason. I'll probably never play them, but hey... However, I have wanted to try an Ultima game for a long time.
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