Guild Wars Triple Pack $49.99 at Sams Club (YMMV?)


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I was in the local Sams Club (Hickory, NC) today and noticed they had 6 Guild Wars triple packs that contain GW Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall for $49.99. It appeared that the sticker was covering a older price of $99.99.

No idea if this is ymmv or not, but its a great deal for anyone looking to get all three games.
That is an awesome deal. I'd get it if I didn't already have all 3 Collector's Editions...

Hope it's not a YMMV, but then it is Sam's Club...
saw the same deal at my local Sam's (Grand Prairie TX) they also had call of Duty 3 for the PS3 for $11.91 and Tony Hawk Project (PS3) $21.97
[quote name='AzN_BaLLeR']Wow, this is a STEAL.[/QUOTE]

Hell yea.

Might have to borrow a Sam's Club card from my pops and go check it out.
Guild Wars 2 and the next expansion has been announced...but if anyone can pick up one of the 3 packs at Sams Club for me I'll happily buy it from you!
Gonna try and score myself a copy of this, since it dosen't look YMMV since multiple locations have reported it...

It's an awesome deal, these games would be $120 if you bought them all at once =O
My fucking Sams Club sucks shit... it was stickered at $100 and rang up at $100.

It figures the local Sams Club seems to be the only one in existence that dosen't have this for $50.
I guess I'll have to check my local Sam's Club, though they have sucked the big one on any clearance deals. I know they had a few of these when I was last there a few days ago.
My costco membership is looking less and less appealing these days.

Oh well. At least I got my money's worth of free sample/meals. =)
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