H:$25 Dell Promo E-Gift Card W: $18 PP


62 (100%)
Most of these items I prefer to sell. I will look at lists though.

$25 Dell promotional gift card-$20 PP

:br: (No price in mind, make an offer):
African Cats (Blu-ray only, comes in a replacement case with no artwork, bought from BBV)
Due Date (dvd/blu w/ digital copy, comes with slipcover)
Hancock (1 disc version)
Planes Blu-ray/DVD Combo (Sealed w/ slipcover)-Make an offer
Red (Movie only version)
The Book of Eli (BBV case)
Unstoppable (digital copy has not been used, comes with slipcover)

Amazon payments

If I don't reply to a pm and I've been online since you sent it to me, be aware that I check CAG on my phone a whole lot more and don't check my pms on my phone. I check PMs once I'm able to get on the computer. Also, please clear your inbox before sending me a message if it's full. Thank you :)

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[quote name='gameguy1001']what games you want? i am interested in CoD4 and MW2 and GoW3[/QUOTE]

I have no specific wants...I did just get a wii so I'm definitely interested in wii games but I would also look at other games for the ps3 or 360. do you have a tl??
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