H: Xbox 360 Games, Etc... W: Paypal $$, Zelda N64


95 (99%)

trading/selling (all prices include shipping):

Mass Effect 3 game + CE steelbook - $18.50

Apple iPod touch 8gb 2nd Gen - $35
(the screen is cracked but it works fine)

$25 TGI Fridays gift card - $18

Halo 4 Oceanic Armor DLC (wal-mart) $2.50

Skyrim (like new/complete) - $25
Assassin's Creed Revelations (brand new/sealed) - $15
Assassin's Creed 3 (brand new/sealed) - $25
Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition (like new/complete) - $20.50
Dragon's Dogma (very good, no manual) - $18
Record of Agarest War Zero LE (like new) - $25
Dead Island GOTY (sealed) - $18
The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition (sealed) - $30
Oblivion CE (like new, no coin) - $18
Dragon Age 2 (brand new/sealed) - $8.50
LA Noire - $9.50
Shadows of the Damned - $13
Mass Effect 2 (like new) - $10
Mass Effect 3 (w/ CE Steelbook) - $18.50
Brink - $5
Medal of Honor (like new) - $6.50
Battlefield Bad Company 2 - $6
Soul Calibur IV - $6
Samurai Warriors 2: Empires - $7.50


virgin mobile smartphone!

Zelda N64 (either one)


Mass Effect 1
Eternal Sonata
Xbox Live gold subs
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  • added lots of Xbox 360 games to my wants, put some less wanted games on there that people may want to trade for my less needed on my haves list or for DVDs.
  • added more comprehensive keys to most items.
  • fixed up the order a bit, and will be fixing it more later on.
  • added several disc only DVD's from my collection, all of which are in flawless condition with little to no scratches and are in clear plastic cases.
  • added Superman Returns to my Xbox 360 haves list.
  • keep checking back for more updates!

  • Added PS1, PS2 and PC games to my haves/for trade list.
  • Added more Xbox 360 titles to my haves/for trade list.
  • Added a pending in/pending out system.
  • Changed the key up a bit.
  • Added lots more DVD's from my collection.
  • Fixed up the format a bit.
  • Continue checking back for more updates!
added Zune 30gb (broken screen), added DS Lite charger, added Nintendo DS Lightsaber stylus 3 pack all to MISC. section of my haves/for trade list, added 48 hr. codes to Xbox 360 section of my haves/for trade list.
Looking for any advice on using Paypal as I just set up an account and am very unfamiliar with it.
Also, wondering how to put the Xbox360, xbox, dvd, etc images next to your items as I've seen many people do.

and bump
Looking for any advice on using Paypal as I just set up an account and am very unfamiliar with it.
Also, wondering how to put the Xbox360, xbox, dvd, etc images next to your items as I've seen many people do.

go to your first post and click edit and click on the [More] link and they are towards the bottom. Otherwise just use your mouse to do copy and paste.

with Paypal you just give people your e-mail address and they will send you money. Or if I sell you something for example, I can send you a money request and then you will have the option to pay. Just remember, if someone pays you through paypal with a credit card, Paypal will take like a 3% cut(i.e., i send you $100, you will only get $97), but if they pay you through paypal with existing funds or verified bank account, then the fee does not apply. On CAG it is expected that if you pay someone with a CC through paypal, then you must pay the fee(i.e., I sell you something for $100 and you pay with a CC through PP, then you must send $103). There is a website out there called Paypal calculator or something that will calculate the fee and how much you should send. You should probably verify your address as some sellers will only ship to verified addresses.
No Problem. I thought you had TP for Wii...now I get it. well, nothing cacthing my eye yet. I did notice you were looking for a N64. I picked up an extra one yesterday if you're interested, let me know.
would u be interested in trading your gamestop giftcard for chronicles of riddick: assault on dark athena? usually those who want to sell or trade away gift cards do it for 10% of the gift card price. i dunno ur choice.
will respond to PMs in a bit, PM box is nearly full and trying to decide what to delete, try to leave offers in this thread for the next day or so please!
responded to most PMs, if I missed one leave a comment in this thread please.

also, I'm shipping out all my sides of trades tonight, and I can't apologize enough for the huge delay for some of you.

thanks for being patient.

again, bump :)
all of them are white, and two of them have chrome on the bottom (instead of plain grey) like where you would plug in the headset.

edit: I just recieved a black wireless controller bundle w/ play n charge kit. not really interested in trading this right now though
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what are you looking for as far as trading consoles for games or 360 controllers. I have ps1, n64, and snes micro and the first larger one
Sorry...I didn't read your comment about not PMing you.

Anyways, I'll trade you my Gears of War for your Infinite Unidiscovery (sealed).
Willing to trade an N64 for Infinite Undiscovery? I can probably dig up 2 controllers to go with it and I have an extra copy of a WWF Attitude I can throw in if it helps your decision at all.
Hey, there's nothing else I'm interested in...unless you want to throw in Halo Wars. I'd be willing to trade Gears, though--it's literally new.
bread's done