Have Misc stuff LOZ:Oot soundtrack and other items W: Earthbound!!!!


3 (100%)
Here's my tradelist if interested in anything shoot me message or PM or leave me a reply in my thread. Thanks for the interest.Rpgman21


Club nintendo messenger bag(black) never been used
Legend of Zelda OoT soundtrack Club Nintendo
Club Nintendo Platinum button set
Silver DS case
Dragon Quest Joker keychain cloth
Dissidia Final Fantasy slip cover two good and evil never been opened
Legend of Zelda Link to the past manga


New super mario complete
Legend of Zelda Skyward sword w/soundtrack complete
Legend Of Zelda Twilight princess greatest hits version


Radiant historia first run box with soundtrack(Not getting rid of the game)


Final Fantasy Anthology FF6 Disc only
Suikoden II disc only


Lego Batman 2 complete
Unit 13 complete
Dynasty Warrior Next complete


The Witcher complete case smashed a little discs unaffected
Fable Lost Chapters complete
Titans quest complete with first expansion

Xbox 360

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock complete



Earthbound VERY HIGH WANT just want to play it

Lunar 2 discs or complete just wanna play it
Mega Man Legends disc or complete just wanna play it
Tales of Destiny


Heavenly sword
3D Dot game hero
Infamous 2

Kirby's epic yarn
Mario Galaxy
No more heroes 2
Super Smash Bros
Mario Galaxy 2
Epic Mickey

Game Cube
wavebird controller with adapter
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Thanks for the reply, if you have a change of heart let me know. I understand how you feel about it. I love the Suikoden series.

That and it'd leave a glaring hole in my collection.

Suikdoen, ...... , Suikoden 3, Suikoden 4, Suikoden 5, Suikoden Tactics

just doesn't look right. my OCD would overwhelm me and demand blood.
I've got Suikoden 2 mint but it is just disc/manual only. I didn't see anything here though, let me know if you are interested in buying it.
I like your style in games. PM me with prices for your PSP games (I'm bidding on alot of those games on ebay tho so may have to wait a couple days to confirm).
bread's done