Have: Rarer Games (PS1, DC, GC, PS2, Wii, PS3) Want: 3DS games


28 (100%)
Decided to keep this as a general trade list. Offer away!

Want (low wants on all of these):
Super Street Fighter IV 3DS
Bust a Move 3DS
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS

Infamous 2 PS3
Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3/PC/Steam
Beautiful Katamari PS3

Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (Complete Only)
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Complete Only)


Demon's Souls CE (complete)
Dragon Age CE (complete)
Portal 2 with unused Steam Code (complete)

Electroplankton (complete)
Monopoly/Boggle/Yahtzee/Battleship (complete)
Dragon Quest V (sealed)
Dragon Quest VI (sealed)
Tetris DS (complete)
Legend of Starfy (sealed)

Valkyrie Profile (no manual)
Final Fantasy VII Black Label (no manual)
Final Fantasy Tactics Green Label (complete)

Battle Stadium D.O.N. (JP, complete)
Legend of Zelda 4 Game Collection (complete)
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time/Master Quest (complete)
Mr. Driller: Drill Land (JP, complete)
Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 3 (JP, complete)

Mars Matrix (complete)
Project Justice (complete)
Skies of Arcadia (complete)
Samba de Amigo with Maracas (complete)
Grandia 2 (complete)
Marvel vs Capcom (complete)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (complete)
Capcom vs SNK (complete)

Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 1-7 (original release missing no extras)
Angel Seasons 1-5 (original release missing no extras)
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