How safe is ebay for buying Nintendo 64 games?


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So I'm trying to rebuild a few missing games from my 64 collection. I started perusing ebay and was surprised that the prices were cheaper that I thought they would be, and several copies are each. Are there a lot of fakes out there or am I just over thinking it?

I didnt know that there was such thing as fake N64 games until just this year! Most of my collection is from yardsales and thrift stores but I have opened up and checked the boards on most of mine. Time consuming but its not bad to be sure. If the price is too good to be true or the buyer is from another country/has low feedback Id be cautious. As much as I hate it as a seller there is the "Money Back Guarantee" that Ebay gives buyers and they side with buyers 99% of the time on "item not as described" cases.

Ask for pictures of the board in any auctions you are interested in.  If you know what the board should look like, compare it to the pictures the seller sends you.  As stated previously, the "Money Back Guarantee" offered to buyers on eBay is very solid.  Try to become as knowledgable as possible regarding what the original labels and boards look like and buy from a reputable seller and you should be fine.  Are there any particular titles you are looking for? I sold off a lot of my N64 stuff already but I still have some stuff that is a little more common that I was going to put on craigslist or eBay eventually. I can see if I can help you out

Thanks for the info. I'm mainly looking for Smash, Kart 64, and Donkey Kong but knowing my compulsive behavior I will end up buying more lol. I jst get nervous when I see pictures like these.


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