Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 Steam Trading Thread

Hey guys - shoot me a PM if you want to pick up a 4-pack with the sale - I'll be happy to pay with Paypal ASAP afterwards.
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As of right now I have two spaces left, it is Koat and I at the moment. I will only buy the four pack if I have at least one more confirmed person. Pm me!


All three copies are accounted for and am simply waiting on payment for the last copy. Thanks guys! ALL GONE!
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Looking for L4D 1, have paypal!! Please PM me!!!
Edit: also looking for a copy of L4D 2!!
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I'll host a four-pack purchase of Left 4 Dead 2.

If anyone is interested, PM me.
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hey guys im looking to buy LFD1 for the steam sale 4 pack. im new to this but im willing to host if i can get 3 other people. if your interested for steam add me im Wazzaptheone
Looking for a copy of L4D2.

Have a Dota 2 invite or Renegade Ops for trade.

Also have a copy of the original MNC for trade (can unlock stuff in SMNC).

Please PM me!
[quote name='miqspot']Does anybody have a left over L4D2? Would be happy to buy it for $5.[/QUOTE]

Same goes for me :)
If someone just has one copy I can trade you. I have 3 copies of Shoot Many Robots and 1 copy of Awesomenauts. I would glady trade all 4 of these items (steam gifts) for just one copy of L4D2.

I'm dyin to play it and I'm so pissed I missed the sales.

steam - anatomy2005
I've got 2 or 3 slots left from a L4D2 group buy. $3.75 each.

All gone.
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[quote name='goober3']Left 4 Dead 2 is on sale until the 10th. Anybody want to join a group buy? $3.75 per person.

Two more.


I want to join the group.
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