List of all FREE Xbox Live Marketplace content (2.0)

people need to just update a single post, instead of spamming the thread with 5-word replies every hour
If you want to get these Gears skins, the time to get them is often pretty limited time wise. The posts for the heads up is greatly appreciated as I'd rather get the skin (giggity) without having to watch, because, I'd rather play games instead of watching others play.

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Just read some news (german website)

The Game Awards 2017 Show will start thursday at  5:30pm PT. On
There will be a new mixpot given out, the contents are unknown at this point.

Also for anyone who doesn't know what a Mixpot is...during E3 we had another one, Free Games like Rare Replay, The Final Station and No Time to explain + some DLCs were given out to all watchers of the stream you just have to be logged in your MS account while watching it, that's all.
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..keep in mind, they had a mixpot rewards for gamescon too, and it was just some DLC's  *halo wars 2 paint, battle islands drop, and world of tanks thing

just to not get everyones hopes up for a free sweet game  (that'd be nice though) ;)

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