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One month XBox Game Pass Free for New Account Holders

if you have used previously, you can create an alternate account to use it on and switch back to your own profile to still have access    ;) Snagged a few of these and will throw them out randomly so one person cannot profit from them all.. needs to be renewed before 31/07/2018

Turn on auto renew when apply to your account to get one month extra, only works for new accounts.



Promotion is valid until some specific date ? Do you know ? Thanks
I don't know.

On my Dashboard there is an AD for ANOTHER 14 days of Game Pass trial. I don't have Game poss atm, but I already used the 14 days tral... :O

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Turns out the reward for the May quest is a Fortnite shirt for your avatar.   There should be a message from Xbox Live on your dashboard with the code for it.


Also, just found out the 2 Battlefield DLCs are free until June 30. 

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The last two months have been terrible. Making you play for online multiplayer and then tossing in awful games to justify the cost is every bit as anti consumer as Sony blocking crossplay.
yeah indeed, i was expecting a better games this month, july is the 5th aniversary of the program, could be better but anyway

Only see LocoCycle, Kalimba, Virtua Fighter 5 and Joy Ride Turbo.

Is it because it is not live yet?
Seeing the same:

LocoCycle 7/1-7/31

Kalimba 6/16-7/15

Virtua Fighter 5 7/1-7/15

Kalimba 7/16-8/15

Joyride Turbo 7/15-7/31

Yes Kalimba is offered 2x in a row o_O geez they must hate Japan, no wonder Xbox is not popular over there lol

Only see LocoCycle, Kalimba, Virtua Fighter 5 and Joy Ride Turbo.

Is it because it is not live yet?
Take those foreign Games with Gold pages with a grain of salt. They often change them. Neither LocoCycle or Zoo Tycoon are live yet. Either will be better than Kalimba for the millionth time. Kalimba is live still from last month though.

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FYI: In Argentina Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown was never released so they changed it for Ms. Explosion Man, a title that was already as XBL a while ago.

Now I get an error on that link too =(
Somehow on the last day when I checked status my add friend circle that was at 100% dropped down to like 80% ugh with only log in daily complete grrr. All I remember is I think we're supposed to play multiplayer 3 hrs daily now?
That page was erroring for me yesterday, but it's now updated with Quests: Summer Edition. The check progress link was broken a short time ago, but now appears to be working. "Play 3 hours of multiplayer, 3 days in a row by July 9"

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