List of retro game stores Maryland (MD) area


Short reviews of stores I been to in the Maryland area. Address and phone numbers are retrived from the stores website/Facebook. Stores are listed in no particular order. Have fun hunting.


Record Exchange Silver Spring Location

8236 Georgia Ave

Silver Spring, MD 21701


Sells mostly mustic but has decent game collection ranging from Atari 2600 to modern games and console. Good prices. Has a small section for various cables (power/video).


Record Exchange Frederick Location

151 N. Market Street

Frederick, MD 21701


Similair to it's Silver Spring Location, but slightly less games.


The Toy Exchange

11265 Triangle Lane

Wheaton, MD 20902


Collection ranges from Atari 2600 to modern games and console. A pit pricey, but is worth visiting if you're near.


All Time Toys

8185 Main Street

Ellicott City, MD 21043


Collection range from NES to modern games. Saw a Neo-Geo pocket there once. So you never know if some good will pop up.


Power Gamer

6711 Ritchie Highway #259

Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060


(Located in the Mall next to Toys 'r' Us)

Big collection of NES to modern games and console. Decent prices, worth a visit. Imagine it like a Gamestop, but for old games.


Gamerz Paradise

1000 Joppa Farm Road

Joppatown, MD 21085


Located in a market only open Thursday-Sunday. Huge collection of games. Atari 2600 to modern games and consoles. Some rare games on shelf. Okay prices, very well worth the visit though.


Play Raven

5714 Industry Lane Suite F

Frederick, MD 21704


Only open on Thursday-Saturday. Decent collection of games. Generally NES and up. Decent prices.


Time Warp Media

5 East Salisbury Street

Williamsport, MD 21795


Collect of Atari 2600 and up. They had a CDi when I visited. Decent to okay prices.


2nd and Charles

17636 Garland Groh Blvd.

Hagerstown, MD 21740


Large collection of Atari 2600 to modern games and consoles. Fair to decent prices. Also has large collection of books/music/movies.



14225 Sullyfield Cir. Suite C

Chantilly, VA 20151


Huge Collection of games. Lots of imported games. Can't remember what the oldest system they stock. At least NES to modern. Okay prices.


Pandora's Cube

8145 Baltimore Ave Suite L

College Park, Maryland 20740


Varied collection of games. Generally NES and up. Decent prices.

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Thanks for the list.  Had no idea that Play Raven store was there in Frederick, hoping to check them out sometime soon.

Just saw this list. Nice.

Power Gamer's pretty good - I've been there a few times. Very helpful staff, reasonable prices, have some interesting imports too.

Wanted to bump this in case there were any other MD gamers out there with good suggestions of retro game stores.

There's another Power Gamer. It's in Reisterstown. Here's the details: 6606 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215; (410) 764-7800

It's in the mall at "The Plaza." Decent selection of Sega Genesis games. They're running a sale now where select GBA games are 4 for $10. I checked out the selection, picked up Battletoads, Tetris II, and an old Smurfs game for the original GB and a Game & Watch Collection for the GBA for $10. They had a lot of Yugioh games in their 4 for $10 box, including some imports. They're all cart only.

Also picked up a DiGi Charat DVD for $2.50 (anime series). 

I'll throw in my two cents about some of the places on the list:

2nd and Charles - They have a huge collection of PS2 gen games but they also have a ton of common retro games. A lot of the uncommon games have a tendency of being priced at whatever price charting has it at which can go either way. If you're looking to find some decently priced DVDs, Blus, Anime, and Manga, you will probably find something you like. It has a little bit of everything.

eStarland - These guys have been around for ages and I personally think that they have some of most overpriced games around. Although very recently, they finally started to have sales. I'd highly recommend signing up for their newsletter so you know when to actually shop there. MD to Chantilly, VA can be a hike depending on where you're coming from.

Time Warp Media - The prices are a bit of a mixed bag, it's not eStarland bad but they get a lot of uncommon and rare games in. The owner is also a collector and he's stated that he "constantly" updates his prices based on how a game's price changes (for retro games, that's usually a bad sign as they usually get more expensive than cheaper). It's also worth noting that he's obsessed with pro wrestling as it seems every other month he's getting pro wrestlers to show up at his store. Pro Wrestling isn't my thing but its about half of the posts on their FB page.


Stores previously mentioned aside, a new chain of stores known as Cartridges Galore have started to pop up in the area. I visited the original Cumberland, MD location last year which was quite a hike for me but was well worth it. They have a lot of reasonably priced games so if you're just starting a retro game collection, this is definitely the place to go to. They also have a location in Hagerstown now too. (You can find the locations on their FB pages).

Lastly, a store/arcade known as Save Point in Westminster, MD is part rhythm game arcade (DDR/Pump it Up/Pop n' Music and a few others) and part video game store. Prices are decent and the arcade prices are reasonable and yes they will give you change for the arcade, just remember to bring cash! 

EDIT: I think I've been to the record exchange store in Frederick. I once went 2 or so years ago where they had a decent collection and some great prices. Then I went to visit them earlier this year and the selection of games dropped significantly. Frederick is a bit of a weird area (also a pain to drive in) so I doubt they get that many games in. 
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To update on a few things:

Time Warp Media split into two stores back in November. The two owners went their separate ways. One owner stayed to maintain the store in Williamsport, MD and the other kept the original name of the store and moved it to Skyesville, MD (new FB page: The new store is about an hour away from the old one. The old store was renamed Back to the Media ( The store reopened about a month ago with a new paint job but is more or less the same as it was before.

I haven't been to the new Time Warp yet but I can already tell you that both stores aren't advertising the crap out of random pro wrestler appearances anymore which for all we know could have lead into the split. :lol:

I've also returned to the Record Exchange store in Frederick, MD recently. I finally got the meet who I assume is the owner and he's a really laid back british guy. He seemed to know his games and seems to price a lot of his newer games reasonably. Retro game selection is still lacking but as I may have said before, Western MD hasn't exactly been a great place for buying retro games since a lot of resellers are cleaning out stores. Stores such as Back to the Media are also buying games out at other local stores (Goodwills, pawn shops, 2nd and Charles, etc) to give them a bigger selection. It's a double edged sword at this point. =/

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There's also Gamer Doc in Elkton, MD and another 2nd and Charles a bit further away in Newark, Delaware.

Back to the Media recently moved out of MD completely and has since branched out into two locations in Chambersburg, PA (via the mall there) and Winchester, VA. Not much else has changed with the store in terms of the selection/owner besides the location. 

Also, for those of you that have checked out Save Point in Westminster, they recently opened a second store on the first floor of Timeline Arcade in Hanover, PA. They are only open on the weekends at this location but it's worth going to if you're ever around that area. 

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New 2 Us thrift store in Odenton. It isn't a retro game store but he always has atleast 100-200 retro games and systems. New stock every week. Ebay prices but they're all negotiable.
I've visited a few local stores in the area lately. Here's my take on them.

Play Raven (Eldersburg)

1912 Liberty Rd #3, Eldersburg, MD 21784

Open Every Day except Wednesdays


Play Raven (Frederick)

5714 Industry Ln F, Frederick, MD 21704

Visited both places over the past few weeks. Fair prices and good selection. Staff is friendly and know their stuff.

2nd and Charles

17636 Garland Groh Blvd.

Hagerstown, MD 21740


Decent selection with a smattering of games going back to the Atari 2600. Prices were actually a few dollars less than I was expecting to pay for each of the games I bought.


14225 Sullyfield Cir c, Chantilly, VA 20151

HUGE selection of games and systems. Prices were decent and within a few dollars +/- of what I expected. Impressed with the condition of the games they sold. Used complete games were immaculate. They clean all discs and shrink wrap the used games. I've heard mixed things about trading in games and buying online from them. However, I may risk buying online since the shipping is free for totals over $15. They also do repairs.

Time Warp Media Video Games

3720 Maryland Ave, Ellicott City, MD 21043

This is a small corner of a larger antique store. They had a small selection of games at prices that were on the fair to higher side. They had quite a few repro and rom-hack cartridges which was cool.

Cartridges Galore (2 Locations - Hagerstown and Frederick)

609 Dual Hwy, Hagerstown, MD 21740


5732 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704

Visited both locations recently. They had a pretty good selection and fair prices. They both had a top shelf of drool-worthy games and rare systems. I asked about pricing on one of them and was told that nothing on the shelf was for sale. What a tease! The staff were nice enough to provide new cases for two used Dreamcast games that I bought to replace the scratched up ones on the shelf.

Good selection and fair prices.

Stores that have closed

Save Point (Westminster in the Mall)

Power Gamer (Glen Burnie and Reisterstown Road locations)

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Records and Rarities in Tyson's Corner VA and Springfield VA have a decent selection of retro games and consoles, and a ton of toys from the 70's 80's and 90's. Anyway they split the stores into two sides, one with the toys and games and tons of pinball machines to play at 50c a play, and the other side is comics and records and old music stuff.  

Prices are hit or miss, some are way over priced, some are average with eBay prices, some are under value but seemed not taken care of.  YMMV.

These are the only retro locations near me (Crystal City) so I check them out quite often.  I've only bought 1 toy from them and regret not buying a couple of NES games that I saw a year ago that prices were under anything eBay has....


Springfield Town Center, 6500 Springfield Mall, Springfield, VA 22150

Tysons Mall II - 1961 Chain bridge Rd. #D1L  Tysons Corner, Virginia 22102

1961 Chain bridge Rd. #D1L (7.55 mi)
Tysons Corner, Virginia 22102

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