Looking to buy a PS2 system or a Xbox system


20 (95%)
Anyone have a PS2 system or Xbox System (no thompson drives) for sale? Lmk how much you want and what is included. Pm me or post here.. thanks alot
i might be willing to part with mine. it has the original power cord, third party a/v and one controller. how much are you looking to spend?
I have a good friend who wants to sell his. He is completely honest, and I'll place my trader ratings on the line to vouch for his integrity. I'd be more than happy to mediate the transaction. Here is the rundown:

Old-style PS2, barely used, in an adult-only, smoke-free home. I think he said he used it 4 times total. No time to play it, I suppose.

Anyway, no problems with the system, it is mint. All the cords, one (or maybe two, not sure) controller/s, two memory cards, and 6 games:

MoH: Rising Sun
MoH: Frontline
Star Trek: Shattered Universe
GTA: Vice City
Star Wars Battlefront (disc only)
Battlestar Galactica

I think he was looking to get around $100 for it, which I think is pretty fair.

LMK if you are interested.
I've got an Xbox up for sale. Philips drive, in good condition with two first-party controllers and a DVD remote. Looking for $100 shipped OBO.
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