Looking to trade GC and Ps2 games for blank dvdrs


20 (95%)
Looking to trade these Ps2 games and Gamecube games for some DVDr packs lmk if interested ( added some dvds)

God of war Non gh
Need for speed underground 2 (ps2)
Mario party 7 with mic (GC)
Super smash brothers (GC)
Final fantasy X non gh
final fantasy x-2 non gh
the suffering (ps2)
Mvp baseball 2004 (gc) (no booklet but has case)
Mario party 4 (gc)
Megaman collection (gc)
sega bass fishing duel (ps2)
tekken 4 (ps2)
mortal kombat annhilation

and some dvds
spiderman 1
spiderman 2
king arthur
napoleon dynamite

also have some ps2 demos from opm i will throw in for free if the trade is big enough. (4 demos unopened)

will make a good deal if you have alot of dvdrs. i dont play these games anymore and i am in need of alot of dvdrs. pm me or lmk here. thanks
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