Madden 11 freezing issue?


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Hoping someone can help me on here. I just picked up Madden 11, created my franchise and am all set to play.

Only the game will not load. When I try to start my first preseason game, it gets to the loading screen and just stops.

Has anyone else had this problem today? I tried playing it from installed on the hard drive and also from the disc itself. Neither works.

Extremely frustrating.

Thanks for any help.
I haven't even tried that, but I just had the game freeze after barely an hour of play, just after finishing the 3rd Madden Moment.
I had it freeze twice in a row right before half time while playing ultimate team vs. cpu. Kind of frustrating, but I don't really care about that mode.
I had it freeze on me after I entered my 20k coins code from Gamestop, and I lost my coins and the code came up as invalid/used when I tried to re-enter it.

Luckily the folks at EA gave them back to me, otherwise I would have flipped shit.

Also, I have to say that the 20k coins is one of the worst pre-order bonuses for a major release in.. well.. forever.
I have some lag/freezing while playing even locally esp with passing. I might try to install to HD and see if that helps
I've had three games freeze (2 Ultimate Team vs. CPU, 1 Madden Moment), which all required a hard reset of the Xbox. It's happened on 2 consoles and the game was installed to the HD on both. Very frustrating...first and last year I buy Madden on release day.
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