Mixer23's 8th Lowball! [Done]

lets see the goods!
For now it would have to be based on memory lol. Said boxes are currently in storage, and while they’d be easy enough to get to I may not be in that area for at least a few more weeks. I have a lot of older CE items. Some of them are completely still in the original box, others loose or just missing the game. Other random gaming collectibles like figures and replicas. I have A LOT of BioShock things. Some MGS stuff. TMNT collectibles/comics. A lot of older Club Nintendo things. A metric ton of guides that were mostly CE versions. Art books. Some anime related collectibles. A handful of random POP figures. A decent amount of LEGO sets. Really just a mixed bag. I collected as much as I could of things I was interested in for a good 10-12 years.

Sadly I gave away most of my Pokémon cards a few years back, but I do have some from more recent sets.
bread's done