My First TL in forever! OG Switch Console (used), Dualsense (new), Oculus Quest 1


199 (99%)
So I’ve been shuffling up some of my video game stuff and have cobbled together something resembling a tradelist.


DualSense Controller - White - New - Unpackaged; came with a console purchase; $50 Shipped PPF&F or Venmo

Oculus Quest 1 - rarely used; been collecting dust; inquire if interested; reasonable cash or trades will be considered. Wouldn’t take much to move this thing. Pics provided upon request.

OG Nintendo Switch Console - Its had a screen protector on since day one; the kickstand is broken but can be left off or repaired before shipping (buyer’s discretion pending trade agreement); I would say the battery offers roughly 2hrs of playtime on TOTK for reference. I can sell this with a used (but only 2 month old) set of joycons or without the joycons. I will also entertain trades. I’m looking to sell for $120ish shipped (with a fixed kickstand) or $140ish shipped (with fixed kickstand and joycons). Will consider trades. I am not including a dock under any circumstances. I need all the docks I can get. Pics upon request.


Apple TV 4K (any model with Ethernet)
PS4 Slim
PSN or Eshop Currency
Switch Pro Controller (new)
Leverless Fight Sticks (?) - Haven’t seen any on CAG but can’t hurt to list it
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