Nevada Democrat Caucus Mess

Not sure anyone should be surprised. Hillary won what? 7 or 8 coinflips and some ace high card draws? lol

Doesnt even take into consideration the unfair superdelegates, and hillary got nomination wrapped up...

I got bored thirty seconds into "He's COUNTING!  That man is using NUMBERS like some sort of caveman!"

Was there a point to the video?

I got bored thirty seconds into "He's COUNTING! That man is using NUMBERS like some sort of caveman!"

Was there a point to the video?
I don't know. I kind of get it. The disorganization and lack of technology is a little jarring considering the importance of the process and the year we're in. There are probably high school class elections that are run more smoothly.

We can use our cell phones to order food and transportation, scan funny looking blocks of shapes to pull up vital information, and translate languages on the fly with our cameras...but determining our next political nominees is done with chicken scratch and manual head counts?

If half as much effort was put into our elections as they put into viewer voting during sporting events and reality shows, maybe the process wouldn't look so half-assed and clueless all the time. Maybe we need Budweiser to sponsor the election, lol.

The Nevada caucuses are notoriously sparsely attended.  If paper and pen works, so be it.

I'm not a fan of caucus systems.  If it were up to me, each state would run a primary election instead.  But the Nevada caucus system runs way down the list of ways our democracy could be improved.

I waited an hour and a half just to get in the door to the GOP caucus tonight, it was crazy! Very organized though, nothing like the one in the video, they made us sign in after verifying we were registered and had official ballot papers to fill in.
I was speaking more specifically about the Democratic caucus which only had ~80,000 people state-wide split between 1,764 locations.  That's an average of 45 people each.  Obviously some are heavier attended than others but the one in the video didn't seem to be unmanageable in size.

Edit: On the other hand, the GOP caucus is apparently a giant dumpster fire tonight.

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