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My friends and I are in our 30s and with kids found no time to get together and talk about geeky stuff like we used to.  We all have written articles for magazines, had websites and podcasts and reviewed games in our past. So we decided to put a youtube channel together where we talk about our obsessions in the geek culture and the way things were back when all this was just land :).  Here is our Zelda episode:

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My OCD made me watch episode 1 and yeah this looks like something I would listen to, while at work.  Being under 15 minutes I could watch them on my breaks.  I'll give it a shot.

We should collab sometime.


Sir, this sounds like a great idea. Checked out your channel and subscribed. Just hit us up through pm here or youtube.

Annnnd on that note our latest gaming episode:

hi, i subscribed... seems really nice. I too started a youtube channel out of passion for indie games. I do interviews with indie developers if you (or anyone else) would like to check it out.

btw... awesome name for the channel
Thank you for checking us out and subscribing. Subscribing and checking out your channel. Our latest episode just went live and it's about not only fan service in the anime world, but video games and comics:

You guys definitely put in a lot of effort and into the episodes... I wished that I had friends who cared about games.
We used to have a podcast back over 10 years ago and then for years we didn't do anything just you know, be with our families. It does take time to put an episode together, but it's been a fun ride so far. It helps that we are all into the same geek things.

I'm at work now and can't check it out (and really shouldn't be on this website in the first place), but I'll check it out when I get home

Our latest episode is up and also there is a Halloween centric giveaway we are doing:

Our latest gaming episode is covering some of our favorite independent games:

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If you guys have never been to the Louisville Arcade Expo, it's quite an experience for old school gaming.

I know some of you try to get the Collector's Edition or Limited Edition of a game. Sometimes those stories are unsuccessful and we all have them. In our latest episode we share just a couple of our personal stories with the challenges of getting these "limited edition" video games:

We decided to do something a little different and talk about 4K gaming gear in general.  Consoles and TVs:

[SIZE=10.5pt]Some of you know that one of my cohost on my show, Rob works at Gun Media studio (the company that made Friday the 13th), but this week we were joined by one of our oldest friend. Shane Bettenhausen, who is a former EGM magazine editor and he worked at Ignition as translator for videogames. These days he is a Senior Account Manager for Developer Relations at Sony. Meaning he gets to work with indie gamers trying to get their videogames published. This is a first part of three where we talk about how they got into the industry and the advice they have for those trying to make it into the video game industry. [/SIZE]

Not a SINGLE thing I like there. Glad I passed on my Tomb Kings a while back. Each to their own I guess, just hanging out for new Ogres Please GW?
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