Official STEAM Holiday Sale Gift Trading Thread

[quote name='SolarUxie']Have:

Left 4 Dead 2
-33% Off Valve
-50% Off Uplink
-50% Off Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Give me some offers :)[/QUOTE]

Changing my Wants to Any of the cheap Winter Achievement Games.
Anyone interested in CounterStrike Source? I'm looking to trade a game for a game, I have all the Valve stuff but anything else would be cool. Also have a copy of The Ship Bundle if anyone is interested.
Have: Renegade Ops, Sniper Ghost Warrior Gold, Flat out
Coupons: 50% Off Portal 2, 50% Off GTA IV Complete, 50% Off Beat Hazard, 50% Off Valve, 50% Off Space Pirates and Zombies

Want: Dota 2, Paypal
I have 2x Tradable Dota 2 Gifts.
What I want specifically, but still taking offers. [W]
1x Dota 2 Gift= SSF4AE and Cave Story+ (1 Gift)
2x Dota 2 Gift + Coal= Assassin's Creed Revelations (#1 Choice), Space Marine, Mw3, OR Skyrim (#2 Choice)
Have: A bunch of coupons at the moment -
25% off Valve catelogue
25% off Bethesda catelogue (includes Skyrim and DLC)
33% off Cities XL 2012
33% off The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
50% off 1C catelogue
50% off Defense Grid: The Awakening
50% off Left 4 Dead 2
50% off Wings of Prey
50% off Dungeon Defenders
60% off King Arthur franchise

I'll take just about anythin' for most of them, but it'd be nice to get somethign a little decent for teh Skyrim coupom.
-33% Valve
-50% X-Super Box
-50% The Wonderful End of the World
-50% Terraria
-50% BeatHazard Complete Pack
-50% Hard Reset
-50% Max Payne 2
-66% Singularity
-33% Skyrim

Want (mostly for the Skyrim coupon, in order of preference):
Dead Island
M&M Heroes VI
Counter-Strike: Source
-75% Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
-50% Batman: Arkham Asylum
-50% Homefront
-50% Call of Duty: Black Ops
-50% Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Game of the Year
-50% Dungeons of Dredmor
-33% Cities XL 2012
-25% Codemasters
-25% Valve

Reasonable trades on anything from the wishlist.
Bioshock 2
Counter-Strike Source
Section 8 Prejudice
Portal 2
Renegade Ops (Base Game)

-10% off GSC Games
-25% off Atari
-25% off THQ
-33% off Valve
-50% off Valve
-50% off Scratches
-50% off Defense Grid
-50% off GTA IV:Complete
-50% off Oddworld:Abe's Odyssey
-50% off Shadowgrounds
-50% off Rush
-50% off Frozenbyte Collection
-50% off Stalker:Clear Sky
-50% off Duke Nukem Forever
-50% off King's Bounty Platinum
-50% off Operation Flashpoint: Red River
-75% off Torchlight

Games I don't have. Coal for coupons. Offers.
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[quote name='zombiemakermx']Devil May Cry 3 Steam Especial Ed. has gone.[/QUOTE]

What can you offer me for The Ship bundle ?
33% off valve
50% off worms reloaded
50% off f1 2011
10% off paradox

m&m clash of heroes
company of heroes
Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition
Silent Hill: Homecoming

LA Noire
Bit.Trip Beat
Hitman games
FEAR complete pack (I-III)
Supreme Commander 2

25% bethesda
2x 25% valve
50% stalker call of pripyat
50% alien breed 3
50% hawx 2

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
9 coals
50% Amnesia
50% Max Payne 2
50% Meridian4
33% Valve
10% Square Enix, Eidos
10% Paradox

Portal 2
Section 8 (NOT Prejudice)
Delve Deeper
Dark Void Zero
Or offer me any non-Valve games
Frozen Synapse
Luxor: 5th Passage
One coal
25% off Valve

Other Steam games
Willing to trade for Xbox 360 related games, DLC, items as well.


Half Life 2: Episode One
-50% Valve
-25% Valve
-50% Oddworld: Abe's Exodus
-50% Lightfish
-50% Nimbus
-50% Swords and Soldiers HD
-25% Codemasters
-50% Assassin's Creed II Deluxe
-50% Avencast
-50% World of Goo


Left 4 Dead 2
Killing Floor
Rock of Ages
Any other offers
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Day of Defeat: Source
Flight Control HD
Avadon The Black Fortress
Garshasp The Monster Slayer
Sega Genesis Classics Collection (all 4 packs)
50% off Strategy First
25% off Valve x2
33% off Valve
50% of The Wonderful End of the World
50% off Trials 2: Second Edition
50% off Warhammer 50,000: Dawn of War II Retribution
50% off L.A. Noire
50% off Bioshock

Anything on wishlist:
Other offers considered
Alright, here's my final trade list for this sale. Gotta say, I didn't enjoy the coal as much as the summer tickets.

I have:
-The Ship
-Half-Life 2
-Serious Sam: Random Encounter
-Hitman: Blood Money
-50% off Anomaly Warzone Earth
-some activation keys leftover from earlier trades
-2x $5 off amazon downloadables in January
-Freshly crafted: Half-Life 2 + HL: Lost Coast!

I want
-Games on my wishlist:
-7 coal for any of the above games (i.e. guarantee yourself a successful crafting)
-You to send me some a key or something in karmic balance for posting up:

Zombie Shooter 2: T24RK-8FNNT-IV5JD | T2507-7MWW2-XWMP5
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[H]: Sega Genesis Classics Collection

[W]: Game or combination of games of approximate value [~$15 this sale]. No coal or coupons, please.

- Pendulo Pack [$12.50 this sale.]
- Sam & Max Complete Pack [12.50 this sale.]
- Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition [$15, has not seen a daily deal yet.]
- Fallout 3: GOTY [$7.25 this sale.]
- Monkey Island: Special Edition Bundle [$9 now.]
- Beyond Good and Evil [7$ now.]
- The Longest Journey + Dreamfall [$6.50 now.]
- Freedom Force: Freedom Pack [$4 now.]

Please note that the Sega Genesis Classics Collection does not include the Sonic games.

I'm also willing to trade 18 Coal, for those of you who are collecting it.
Half Life 2
Frozen Synapse
The Ship 2 Pack

25% Valve x 2
33% Valve
50% Sega Classics Collection
50% LA Noire
50% Cyan Worlds
50% Men of War: Vietnam

Any offers
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Steam Gift: The Orange Box
Steam Gift: Day of Defeat: Source

Want: (Will trade both the above games for any one of my wants. Listed in order of preference)
Might & Magic Clash of Heroes + DLC
DLC for Two Worlds II - Pirates of the Flying Fortress
DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolutions - Missing Link

Do not want coupons or coal

Steam name: kilroyst

Thanks for looking!
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Will consider any Steam game offers that I don't have:

I'm willing to trade most or all of my Haves if it's something I'm even moderately interested in playing. Thanks!

13 coal
Shadowgrounds + Shadowgrounds Survivor (tradeable holiday steam gift, comes together in one pack)
-33% Bethesda (will work with Skyrim [33% off $59.99 = 40.19], valid Jan 2 - Mar 1 2012)

Might & Magic Clash of Heroes
Heroes of Might and Magic V
Greed Corp
Other stuff on my wishlist:
Steam game offers
looking to trade coal for games, I have 11 coal, make me an offer :)

I'd ideally like one of these:
Killing Floor
Fallout New Vegas
Jade Empire
Deus Ex HR
Silent Hill
Overlords Pack
IL-2 1946
Star Wars the Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith edition
Skyrim 33% off coupon

Portal 2 - tradable

No indie bundles, coupons, coal by itself or other valve games.

Steam ID: apaeth
X Superbox $10
Napoleon Total War Imperial Edition $4
Empire Total War $4
Kane & Lynch $4
Kane & Lynch 2 $4
Frozenbyte Collection (Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor) $3
Magicka Party Robes $0.50
Ben There, Dan That!/Time Gentleman, Please! $1
33% off Valve
50% off Doom 3
50% off Hacker Evolution Untold
50% off Worms Ultimate Mayhem
25% off Activision
50% off Psychonauts
25% off Paradox
50% off GTA San Andreas
50% off Max Payne 2
50% off Hitman Collection
50% off X3 Gold
50% Shattered Horizon
25% off Assassin's Creed Revelations

Worms Reloaded
Assasain's Creed Games
Might & Magic Clash of Heroes
Anything else on my Wishlist
Counter Strike Source
33% Valve
33% Bethesda
25% Deus Ex: Human Revolution
50% F12011

Games I Have Heard of
Coal (for coupons only)
The Ball
Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth
CS:S Guest pass (I think that it works for today's objective)
8 coal
33% Valve
50% Valve
50% Lightfish

Offers (No Coal or coupons please)
My library
My Wishlist
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[H] L4D1
HL2: Ep2
Super Meat Boy


-25% Valve (x3)
-25% Ubisoft
-25% Square Enix - Edidos (x3)
-25% Dead Island
-25% Bit Composer
-25% Sega
-50% X-SuperBox (x2)
-50% Steel Storm: Burning Retribution - 4 pack
-50% Valve
-50% Orcs Must Die
-50% Worms Crazy Golf
-50% Monday Night Combat
-50% Sega
-50% Blood Bowl Legendary Edition
-50% Nuclear Dawn
-40% The Witcher 2
-66% Singularity
-50% Tiny Bang Story

[W] Offers

If you want to sell your games for coal, post how many coal you want.

PM Please.

6 coal
50% off costume quest
33% square enix and edios
50% rockstar games
50% cyan worlds
50% hector: badge of courage

want offers
Have- Sam and Max season 1
3 coupons - 50% Trainz Simulator 12, 33% Valve, 25% Ubisoft
12 Coal
Want- Some other Telltale season (especially Hector and Back to the Future)
Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
Disciples III - Resurrection
Deus Ex GOTY
Serious Sam Classic First Encounter
Serious Sam Classic Second Encounter
-50% Bastion
-50% Post Apocalyptic Mayhem
-25% Valve
11 coal

any offers
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I really want to get my hands on a copy of The Witcher Enhanced Edition. I have the following to offer:
9 coal
33% off valve
50% off Flight Control HD
50% off darwinia
50% off Kane and Lynch 2
50% GTA 4 Complete
75% off CoD4: Modern Warfare
Also have some TF:2 items I wil trade as I really don't have a use for them. Check them out under my inventory via my profile link below.

anything on my wishlist
open to offers as well
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