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First post contains promo information & useful information and frequently asked questions. Second post has the values for games/hardware for Microsoft devices. Third post has the values for games/hardware for Nintendo consoles and the fourth post has the values for Nintendo handhelds. Fifth post has the values for games/hardware for Sony consoles and the sixth post has the values for Sony handhelds.

Instructions on finding games in the database and inputting the values from different sections can be found in my blog post here: http://www.cheapassgamer.com/forums/blog.php?b=14143. I would put the entire post in the thread but this is already kind of a large post.


Please try to follow the example below if possible. If you feel the need to use the system icons, please only use them once at and at the top of the list. Also always post the system it's for even if it's only on one system or the value will not get updated. I don't always know it and I'm doing these updates from work to keep them as updated as often as possible so I can't spend time searching for that info.










Current Promotions/Information:

From GameStop employees on CAG:

GameStop.com Information (will post it when they update it)

None Currently.

These trade-in values are really low!
While that may be true, if you combine the games with the right promotion they can work to your advantage. There are knowledgeable people in this thread that are normally willing to help.

Is there any way to look at what the previous values reported on a game?
You can search through this thread and previous ones to see what a game has been reported in the past. With the TIV Tracker you can sort by date and then go through the list of past updated values through that as well. Here are the previous GS TIV Threads: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,22,23,,

Can I trade-in sealed games?
No. You might come across the rare GameStop that would let you do it, but they are going to open them anyway.

I don't want to get hassled about the values I post, how can I get the information out there?
If you do not feel comfortable or willing to put the values in the thread you have two options available. You can input them in the TIV tracker or you can send them to me via PM. Either way the database and these lists will be updated. Putting them into the TIV tracker does save me some time later on.

Do trade-ins have to have their original case, insert and manual?
No, however it will be YMMV on if they charge you a refurbish fee for them in that condition. Most GameStops wont charge a fee but there are some that charge for incomplete games.

Will they accept my game if it is really beat up?
YMMV. It really all depends upon the employee you get. Some will charge refurbish fees, some wont, some wont accept the game and others just take them without a second glance.

What are the refurb fees on games?
There appears to be set prices for set value ranges. We aren't 100% certain on the splits just yet. Here is what we have currently:
$0.25-$2 Value: $0.75 Refurb Fee
$2.01-$4 Value: $1 Refurb Fee
$4.01-$7 Value: $2 Refurb Fee
$7.01-$10 Value: $3 Refurb Fee
$10.01 & Higher Value: $4 Refurb Fee
This information isn't guaranteed by any mean and we are still working on nailing it down.

What are the refurb fees on consoles?
They are listed in the hardware TIV section, highlight in red.

I have a Collector's/Limited/Special edition of a game, do I have to trade-in all of the extras?
No, but there are a handful of games that their variations have separate listings at GameStop: Madden 09 Anniversary Edition, Battlefield: Bad Company Gold Edition, and a few others.

Why didn't the percent bonus go for my accessory for a system that was included?
Unless stated otherwise, and they are rarely included, the bonuses never apply to accessories. Except the PowerUp Rewards card of course.

I traded in a bunch of games for the "Trade X, get $X bonus" promo and it gave me the percentage bonus instead?
I can't give concretes on why this happens. GameStop computers are normally pretty good at giving you the better promo. In the case of a percentage bonus being run at the same time as a "Trade X, get $X" promo, things can get messy. The system appears to only give one promo on games per transaction so if you had a few games that you want to go to the percentage bonus and a stack for the "Trade X, Get $X" it will regularly apply the percentage to all of the games. Your best bet is to do all "Trade X, Get $X" games in one transaction on their own. The GameStop clerk may say that the system will figure it all out, tell them you want a separate transaction anyway. As always, check your receipt before you leave the store.

Can I trade in multiple copies of the same game?
YMMV. The official policy is no, but there are some GameStops that overlook that rule.

What all do I have to trade in for a console trade-in?
Xbox 360: Console Unit, power brick, A/V Cables, Controller (wired/wireless)
Wii: Console Unit, Power Cable, A/V Cables, Wiimote, Nunchuck, Sensor Bar
Playstation 3: Console Unit, Power Cable, A/V Cable, Controller, USB Cable
PSP: Handheld, A/C Adapter
Nintendo DS/DSLite/DSi: Handheld, A/C Adapter, Stylus

Can I trade in a defective/broken console?
For the most part yes. If it powers on but doesn't play games, they will take the console as a refurb unit and put a refurb fee on the console. The refurb fee on the console will vary on the price of the console so those numbers will change. You are still required to trade in everything required listed in the question directly above.

What is the difference between PowerUp Rewards and PowerUp Rewards Pro?
The basic card is free and only allows you to acrew points when spending money. The Pro card costs $14.99 and is basically the same as the previous EDGE program.

How much does a PowerUp Rewards Pro subscription cost?
It costs $14.99 and is good for a year. It also comes with a 1-year subscription to Game Informer magazine.

What bonuses come with having an PowerUp Rewards Pro card?
You will get an extra 10% trade-in credit on the base value of the game, extra 10% off the purchase of pre-owned games and 10% off new strategy guides.

Does the Power Up Rewards Card give me a bonus on hardware trade-ins?
No. You will only get the bonus for games and accessories.

What if I want cash instead of credit, what do they deduct?
If you decide that you want cash instead of credit, they will take 20% off the base values and promos will not apply.

Does promo "....." have a minimum trade-in value?
If the promo has a minimum trade-in value requirement, it will be listed in the promo. If it isn't there, then there is no limit. However, as with all trades, they are subject to manager approval so the manager could have setup his own little rule-set requiring a minimum of whatever.

I used a Power Trade promo for a pre-order, can I cancel that pre-order and get the credit or move it to another game I want?
Yes on both accounts. However, if you do a bunch of the power trades and just straight drop the pre-order you could create some ill-will between yourself and the employees you cancel on. However, if you look at the wordings on promos, they can remove the bonus trade-in value if they decide to.

I just tried to use a promo that has a select list of games eligible, but they say my game isn't eligible anymore, what gives?
Basically they have the right to change the eligible games at any time. They tend to update these frequently so as to lock out any easy/cheap games. It's best to check the eligible list the day of your trade.

Can I stack two different trade-in promos?
No. The only thing that will stack with trade-ins is your PowerUp Rewards card. Some will report success, but this requires a manual override and is very YMMV.

If I pay for an item using all credit on my card, do I have to pay sales tax?
This varies depending upon the state you live in.

If I buy a used copy of a game that requires an online pass for multiplayer, will it come with an online pass?
If you purchase a used title published by either Sony or WB you get an online pass from GS on your receipt. That's also why the used copies are $55 instead of $48 when the MSRP is $60. No GS issued passes of games published by EA, THQ, etc. On those titles you're totally dependent on the previous owner not using the code.

What states charge sales tax on purchases paid in full with credit and which ones don't?
Charge Sales Tax on Credit Purchases: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia
Does Not Charge Sales Tax on Credit Purchases: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming
May or May Not Charge, Depending Upon County: Florida,

My state doesn't charge sales tax on purchases made by credit, why is gamestop.com charging me tax?
It is just the way they have designed their system. The best theory we have seen is that since you are only inputting the number off of the back of the card, it isn't going to pick up the programming from the specially tagged EDGE cards. Some kind of programming that gets input from their system that wont show up when only inputting the number off the back of the card.


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did anyone renew recently? been 3 days+ and still no B2G1 coupon for yet
I reupped one of my accounts a couple weeks ago and got my B2G1 the next day. This week I renewed my other 2 accounts on Thursday and thankfully my coupons came today. Now it's time to buy 6 more copies of Watch Dogs and hit the Walmart.
Ghosts for the Wii U looks to be a little bit of a good flip if your local TRU has them on clearance.
My store has them for about $12 plus tax. Base at GS is $12
Same base at WalMart.
What do you guys do when they charge a refurb fee? Do you guys just come back another time when there is someone else working to trade your games in?

An updated value of DBZ: Budokai HD (360)? Also is Metal Gear Rising (360) still $3? Thanks in advance.
:360: DBZ Budokai HD - $7.50 Metal Gear Rising is still $3.

What do you guys do when they charge a refurb fee? Do you guys just come back another time when there is someone else working to trade your games in?
It depends on how severe the "damage" is, if it is just a few light surface scratches, I would try again later. However, if there are lots of deep scratches and scuffs, I would trade it anyway.


Xbox 360:
Dead Rising - $.75 (No idea how it was 20+ in May according to this)

Xbox One:
Assassins Creed 4 - $16
Call of Duty Ghosts - $16
I'm so confused about how people flip iPads and stuff like that, or anything for that matter to earn enough to buy consoles and multiple iPads and stuff.

Do you have to invest a ton of startup money to get that train rolling? Id like a sensei.
Anybody who still has that 10$ off ps+ coupon (the one with up to 5 uses) that I can use?. I need it for tomorrow. Just found out my + sub will lapse mid august.

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Funny you should say that (though to someone else). I did, actually, buy some GS stock the other day. It is pretty undervalued and as long as I get out before the inevitable decline (with all digital games) I should be fine. It has a decent yield too. I'm already up 4.5% on it by the way. This is in a 401K I just rolled over from my old job and I had some extra money getting like 0.01% interest in the brokerage money market account. I figured it was worth a shot.

So, yeah, guys, stop exploiting GS and screwing with my retirement. I'm not that far away from it you know ;).
...Oh. Come on, you guys know better than to invest in that sinking ship called Gamestop. May I suggest an alternative? Buy shares in Microsoft now, since the stock value has to be low considering how the Xbox One is going, then when they cut that infection from their body, sellsellsell. You'll make a fortune!

All base values from tonight (7/19/2014)


Fire Emblem Awakening --- $18

Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds --- $16

Mario Kart 7 --- $12


Digimon World: Dusk --- $9

Super Mario 64 DS --- $9

Pokemon Black --- $14

Pokemon Soulsilver --- $20

i had bought a xbox 360 internal hard drive from buy.com thinking its the original - but the upc on the case would not scan, and gamestop refused to take it - any suggestions - am i just stuck with it

All base values from tonight (7/19/2014)


Fire Emblem Awakening --- $18

Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds --- $16

Mario Kart 7 --- $12


Digimon World: Dusk --- $9

Super Mario 64 DS --- $9

Pokemon Black --- $14

Pokemon Soulsilver --- $20
wow thanks for fire emblem. i guess the game to get from best buy are pokemon x and y, fire emblem, and bravely default. those are 17-18 base. if anyone has different suggestions let me know.

"GameStop App, what are the base trade-in values for these B1G1 3DS games from Best Buy?"

Pokemon X

Pokemon Y

Kirby Triple Deluxe

Yoshi's New Island

Tomodachi Life

Zelda:  A Link Between Worlds

Bravely Default

Mario Golf World Tour

Mario Party Island Tour

Disney Magical World

GameStop App: "Checking on that for you..."

[Waits for someone in the thread with an iPhone to pretend to be the GameStop App on my imaginary iPhone that I don't really have...]

I swear to god I hate Gamestop and their shitty employees. I went to cancel a pre-order (I put around $35 down) and was told I cannot cancel because I used the free code. I said "I dont want the game anymore" and was basically told "oh well". So much bullshit I have to deal with everytime I go there. Im going to burn him in the survey.

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I never understood why people continue to go to a store they know has shitty employees and then come here to bitch about it. Find a different store. They don't all have terrible employees.
I never understood why people continue to go to a store they know has shitty employees and then come here to bitch about it. Find a different store. They don't all have terrible employees.
Just going to a different store isn't as easy as it sounds for some people...
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