Opening at Fleamkt in SA, CAGs get 10% off


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Opening on the 6th of Oct. Booth B65. I also buy games. I'll beat any trade value. I'll even give something if the other stores wont take it(old Maddens, etc...). CAGs get 10% off. Check my tradelist for games that will be there. PM me for any questions. I'll even have some game shirts and promo items. I might even have some anime as well. Bare with me, They are letting me move in later than they are soppose to. So I still might be setting up and putting prices on things. Hope to see CAGs there.

9-26-7 Got my sales tax permit. Should be up and running on the 6th and 7th of Oct. Booth won't look super awesome, yet. so bare with me.

All CAGs get 10% off.

(9-2-7): Checked it out yesterday. The game store that was there closed down. Looks like I can open up around the beginning of October. If anyone might have old games or shelves or anything that might help send me a pm.

I'm also going to give CAGs 10% off everything. Including systems.

I noticed their is a decent one on I-10. It's in the indoor flea market on the west side. There use to be one at Bussey's but last time I went it wasn't there.

I was thinking of opening one up at the Eisenhauer one. There's already one there but It's never open. What do you guys think. I want to open a real place but I think it would be wiser to start out small since I can keep my normal job(and use it's health care and stuff) and run this one on the side. Maybe make it a SA CAG hangout. Any suggestions?

Oh before anyone ask. Yes I have tons of stuff I could sale. Look at my tradelist. I have another 400 nes games that are not listed. Plus lots of other cartridge games.

EDIT: It's located at 3903 Eisenhauer on the east side of town.
I've honestly never been to a flea market before, so I can't really offer you much input in that department, but I do think this is a pretty cool idea. I live pretty close to the one on Eisenhauer, so I would definitely check out your store if you opened one up there.
Found some cheap games at the eisenhauer flea market. I went there to talk to the lady about opening a booth. I wandered around and found a lady selling dreamcast games for $3 a pop. I picked up jojo's bizare adventure, KOF evolution, Soul fighter and sword of the berserk. She also had sonic adventure and evoulition but I already had them.

PS: Looks like I'll have a store set up there by next month. I was thinkign of giving all CAGs a discount or something. Whatcha think?
Haha, that sounds awesome! I don't know if I can go opening day, but I'll try to be there soon after you open.

And this is CAG, so I don't think anyone here will be disapproving of a discount of any sort. Definitely a nice incentive to get more SA CAGs to go.
yeah, well eventually I want to have a real store. It would be awesome if CAGs could meet up there, or maybe visit. I know we have alot CAGs from San antonio.
I'll probably open next month I already talk to the people there and all I need is to get my sales tax permit. I was thinking 10% off for all purchases for CAGs. Inculding systems and etc...
I'd come check it out. Can you post a street address so I can yahoo map it. I'm horrible at finding my way around this place
Just got my permit yesterday. I should have it up and runnning by the 6th of Oct. It will probably look like crap the first week or two. But stop by anyways and I'll give CAGs 10% off. Cool?
Ugh, busy on Saturday - marching band contest. Will you be there on Sunday too?

From looking at your tradelist, I already know what I want :)
I open on Sat. I'll be moving in tommorrow. Place might look all jacked up. but , i should have tons of crap. From sealed atari games to used xbox 360. I hsould have a jaguar, ds, nes, snes, sega genesis, dreamcast, and a game gear there. I also have neo geo games, over 400 nes games, sega cd, saturn, Hu-card(might not take yet), manga and anime. Stop by, bring some old games and I might buy them from ya. all CAGs get 10% off.
So as it turns out I didn't go, for a number of reasons. Maybe next Sunday if I don't have too much to do.
Same here. I really wanted to, but I had a lot of stuff or school to do, among other things. I may try to stop by next week after I get back from the TRU B2G1F sale.
Cool, did alright for the first weekend even though i had problems with the management on moving in. The lady that was there previously wasnt moved out so i was only open on saturday for like 4 hrs. She cut me a deal on the rent though so i'm not arguing.
Interesting. Let me get a job so I have some decent gas money to make it out there. Im in schertz so Im not to far, up here by retama park. I have a Dreamcast with no AV cables that might be up for sale and some Gameboy stuff. Ill let you know when Im dropping by.
I'm gonna try and make it there this weekend, though I can't say 100% that I'll make it. If I do get to make it, I wanted to ask how easy will it be to find you? I've never been there before (or any flea market, for that matter), so I don't want to get lost when I get there.
Drove out to the eisenhauer flea mkt on saturday. Did not see your booth there. I was looking forward to checking it out. There were alot of closed booths. I ended buying an old NES controller and gray zapper from an old man and his son (Gramp's Games) for a dollar each.

There is a guy who has a good collection of games at the mission flea mkt. A little pricey, but he is easy to barter with.

The hwy 16 flea mkt (also called the poteet flea mkt) has a few used game booths, but they like to charge alot and are pretty firm on prices. I bought a yobo there last year.
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