Ordering from Bestbuy.com/Gamestop.com

Use this exact billing address in place of your non-U.S. billing address during checkout:
I've done that before. It does not work.

In order to place an order with BestBuy.com I had to drive to the USA, buy a gift card in the specific amount I desired to spend on their website (my Canadian credit card worked fine for this in store), then place an order that ships to the USA (they don't ship to Canada). It's a gigantic hassle, but it's the only possible way I found to order through them.

Gamestop.com lets me place an order with my Canadian credit card and ship it to Canada with like a $20-$30 shipping charge. They block all attempts to ship it to the USA, and I haven't seen any way around that. Except for possibly trying what I've done for Bestbuy.

I don't get why they block it. It's a paying customer. Completely idiotic practice. I have had orders shipped to store for bestbuy but it's a 40 min drive and all.
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