Overwatch Team Up for Season 9


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 So I wanted to make a thread for teaming up in Overwatch for the Xbox One crowd. I don't play a LOT, but I do like to play competitively when I can. I pay a few hours per night when I can, but I have a pretty strong 3-man-group that we have a pretty good win rate with. Problem is, we lose quite a bit because we can't get out of the freaking Gold ranks. I ALWAYS start in gold, very close to platinum, and I get nailed to silver after a few days. If there are people that play on Xbox One, throw down your gamertag and lets friend each other so we can all get ranked properly with people that actually WANT to play competitvely. 
My gamertag is RedcrosseKnight

I am a support main. I can play most supports and am dynamic for whatever the situation calls. I am looking to learn to play Brigitte if she fits something we might need.(Currently Mercy and Lucio mains)

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I play Overwatch (Xbox mainly, but also have it on PS4, PC). My main is pharah, also flexible with other heroes as well (tanks, support). Most resort to clubs on Xbox to finding other gamers to team up with. There isn't much talk on the sub forums here about teaming up. Players placed higher like to ruin competitive for the most part with their smurf accounts (not everyone but most), so to me it is better to run with a full team than randoms. If you still need someone, I can add you. Same gamertag on Xbox as my username here.

I play flex and rank anywhere from silver to plat as well (gotta love the ranking system) . Add me. Fancysauce852

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I mean I added you guys as friends on Live, and put your names on the wiki so people could ask for a stack to play on Live, or ask you to join a stack.
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Anybody still use this?

anywho, my small group is looking for some new members .

Overwatch and Black ops 4

Were a fun group, come join

gamertag:  Khondor

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