Piano Black PSP Go for 58.01 (Sam's Club)


I've been working at Sam's for about 3 years now and i noticed something. I think it's do to the area that the sam's club is in or it's just the plain fact that since sam's is a wholesale store, videogames arent a major interest to the customers. so this is what happens. the videogames sit in that cage at the front of the store for months, maybe a year or 2 and then they get marked down like crazy. I randomly went to our computer typed in psp to see how much it was and and i couldnt believe it until i actually purchased it. it was the last one. i'm not saying that all psp gos at every sams club is 58.01 but if you live near one. get them to look them up and see if they have them in stock. it's only for the piano black one. the silver rock band bundle ones are marked down as well to either 158 or 168 online. thats a kindve good deal as well. it doesnt have be just pspgos either. if you notice videogames arent selling at your local sams or you either see something in those cages that's been sitting there for awhile get an employee to check the price

[quote name='Brenex']Found a store that was 91 last week and now 81. Going to keep monitoring it although it is quite far from me :cry:[/QUOTE]
The Black one has dropped $10+ at all my local stores in the last few days. Hopefully the $127 one will drop even further!
I don't have any local Sam's Clubs near me so if anyone is willing to buy one for me...I will be more then happy to pay them back and extra for it. If anyone is interested, send me a message
If someone does find one for $58.01, i'll pay $85 shipped Amazon credit

ones here are like an hour away and its about $140 lol

someone help :D
I decided to look into this for the local area. The lowest I saw was around $158 . . . but to make it even more awesome, I decided to post this:

$195.81 Club

$168.81 Online

That's for the zip code of: 48326

It's ridiculous how out of touch some of these stores are . . .
there are a bunch in the tri state area

highest ive seen was $244.00 for in store. ROFL.

lowest was 58$
[quote name='Naruto Uzumaki']The Online price will always be high, what you're looking for is Club price, if you don't see that your club is sold out.[/QUOTE]

the club price was 244.

the online price was cheaper....
[quote name='grungygamer']Yes, it is. (Sorry for the late reply.)[/QUOTE]

Thanks for saving me the trip of going over there.
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