Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, anybody else been playing?


18 (100%)
Just picked this up on Origin. Only rank 20 but loving it. Though I don't have anybody to play with. Just joining random games. But if you have it add me on Origin: Poozles
I have it on all 3 available platforms and I'm loving it. I've become really bad at using a keyboard and mouse for shooters. Shame on me.

I just added you. ( BouncinPenguin ).

Just curious...I am on the PC version and it seems like in EVERY game I join their are users with incredibly annoying microphone noises. Anyone else ?

Do PC players play against Xbone players ? I only ask because the kinect being used as a mic could be the culprit if there speakers were/are too high.

Yeah I noticed the mic problem too. It looks as if your computer has a mic it's activated automatically and it's the worst. My laptop has one and there's no way to turn it off. I had to go an disable my own mic through audio options in control panel. There's an option to mute everybody when you press TAB in Game. Dumb game design to have that automatic.
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