Playstation Deals, PS Plus games, and Discussion


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Thanks to Frisky for all of the hard work that he put in for the previous deals threads!

Feel free to post here about the newest Playstation deals, PS Plus games, and discussions about the previously mentioned items.

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March 2024 games (available on March 5th):

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium | Game Catalog

March 2024 games (available on March 19th):

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium | Game Catalog
PlayStation Premium | Classics
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Thanks psunami for the new thread. Big thanks to Frisky as well for all of his hard work. Also, First!
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Thanks for putting this up.

Posting now so it's easier to find the thread later.

I wanted to get a post in on the first page of this thread since it will probably go on forever

I'm from the past (talking to future self). Don't waste your money buying Playstation games because they will eventually end up on PS+ ex. FF7 remake. Just play your backlog of games you cheapskate gamer.

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That indie sale is so good, I keep looking through it after buying a ton of stuff. Wish Shakedown Hawaii and a few others were part of it...but still, dang.
It's gonna be super different without Frisky, but I think we all understand why he's stepping away. The deals will go on though.

I'll be more than happy to take input from people if there are certain things that we'll want to add to the thread.  

Right now, I just wanted to get a framework in place and we can go from there.  

To paraphrase... 

"We come not to bury Frisky, but to praise him."

Does anyone know if sony will refund the difference as i just bought the cold war cross play bundle like a couple weeks ago

Thanks for the new thread - and thanks to Frisky for all the years of thankless work to help us spend more money

am i better off not getting those free items for ff7 if i want a challenge or does it not matter too much

Doom 3: VR Edition is the first announcement:

March 29, Aim Controller support.


Song in the Smoke is the second announcement:

Survival game from the GalakZ devs. Out later this year.


Fracked is the third announcement:

Summer release. Fast-paced shooter.


I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and The Liar is the fourth announcement:

Out later this year.


Zenith is the fifth announcement:

Anime-style VR MMO with Breath of the Wild-style exploration mechanics.


After the Fall is the sixth and final announcement:

From the Arizona Sunshine devs. Cross-Platform co-op.

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Anyone have any insight or opinions on Foregone and Relicta?

I've been interested in Foregone since release but I've heard mixed things.
I added it to my Switch wishlist and have been waiting for a decent sales.

Relicta has great reviews on Steam and looks like a cool first person puzzle game.

In for Supermash.....Looks like a really
Interesting concept
Supermash is pretty decent from what I've played so far. Just know some of the games it makes can be janky good or janky bad. I've had some that were unbearably difficult. The good news is you can quit and start up a new creation.
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Nice, it's about time Supermash went on sale. The Switch version goes on sale fairly regularly but this is the first time for the PS4 version. 

Thanks for the new thread!

I have a question, I apologize if it's really dumb but I couldn't find the answer online: does anyone know how to move digital bonuses from the PS4 to your computer? I'm talking about when you get a game and it includes a DLC code for things like a digital artbook, dev interview, mini soundtrack, etc. Obviously, when you redeem that code, it downloads to the PS4, but is there a way to put those files on the computer? I have digital soundtracks and artbooks for Ghost of Tsushima and Persona 5 Strikers that I'd love to have on my computer, so I can have all my music in one place. Thanks so much in advance!

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