Pouring one out for lost deal stores


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Well, it's the end of another console generation.  XBone and PS4 are being replaced by a new generation, and their games will slowly get clearanced out and deals will be posted on this site.  It reminds me of previous generation clearances and that the best deals were all at stores that no longer exist:

Toys R Us



Circuit City



We've picked up a couple new chains that occasionally have game deals like Five Below and Dollar Tree, but for the most part, less chain stores in this country mean less deals.  Less competition means higher prices.

Of course, the slow march to digital games over physical makes this less of an issue.

Thinking about deals that used to be during the console revamp just made me nostalgic and a little sad about the loss of these stores, so let's pour one out to deal havens of days past.

I miss those stores too. It was always fun going into a store like Sears or Circuit City and having a game tagged for $49.99 or $59.99 ring up for $1 - $2 on clearance or finding the rare 1 cent games at Circuit City and Toys R Us. Also having to print out UPC's to scan them at the price check machine or bringing a printed list before the days of smart phones.
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Man, TRU and CC... always good to me. I still remember the $5 clearance at CC which brought me to CAG. And TRU's clearance games were nuts, still have my $9.99 Digital Devil Saga Deluxe Edition and Xenosaga III from there.:D 

Of the B&M stores now, I don't even bother to check the games anymore. About 2 months ago, I walked past the games at WM and they were like 90% empty. I know stores still have clearances but I have never found anything on clearance at Target, BB or WM. 

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