Quit my job and take those that were oppressed by our corporation. Put enough seed money into a few business ventures to help out my friends by giving them a career in what they love to do.

Then I take my family to Disney World.
Then I start fixing up my house and making it green. Then I start fixing up the neighbors houses.
Step 1: Change phone number and/or get unlisted number
Step 2: Buy compound in middle of bumfuck nowhere
Step 3: Get vicious guard dogs that will maul any unfamiliar people on sight
Step 4: Put up NO TRESPASSING signs all along boundaries of the property the compound is on
Step 5: Relax and enjoy the rest of my life as the other poor shnooks have to continue slaving away for next to nothing

And yes, I'm being serious about all of these, since I've seen nothing but stories of lotto winners being bombarded by greedy mf'ers wanting handouts.
Pay off my student loans, finally fix up the ol' fixer upper.

Buy a Mickey Mantle rookie card and put in the spokes of my bicycle.
Tell no one. Live a quiet life of reflection. Send my kids to college. Take some the trips my 6 year old wants (She want to visit China, Japan, Africa, England and Australia). I might wait on those trips until she can appreciate them on a different level. I gotta go to England a few time and pay homage to the Honkey Motherland. :)
Lose my virginity to the chicks in my fridge. All cased up in a carton box mmmmmmmm

But seriously.. Invest in some stocks, help my parents pay their debts, and make my money grow. Also donate a percentage of the returns each year to some philantropic organizations in my country. I definitely have to give back to my country; and then the world eventually. I hope I can do all that before I die at least. It'll make me a happy man.
Provided I didn't have a heart attack, obviously I'd quit my job first. What I would do, who knows. Maybe try visiting each of the 30 MLB parks and then going from there.
[quote name='DrunkTigerWoods']1. Quit my job, in style.
2. Not tell anyone.
3. Buy a delorean and a winter home in LA.
4. Take cooking and martial arts classes.
5. Invest.[/QUOTE]

You know there is a company out in California that still builds Deloreans and it will run you about $55,000. I read an article about it a few months ago.

You all that say you would hide know that you can collect the money anonymously so folks don't have to know it was you that won.
Quit my job, and never work again
Buy a big house and have my own personal Japanese style arcade with tons of pinball machines
Buy an apartment building so my friends wouldn't have to pay rent
Provide seed money for a game store my friend would like to own
Buy my Dad motorcycles and a mini cooper
Give money to relatives who are down and out, but allot it to them monthly so they can't waste it and spend it
Invest it
[quote name='bigpimpin24'] or go to school for the rest of my life[/QUOTE]

I used to think I'd like to be a perpetual student when I was in my 20s, but you couldn't get me to go to school now. I went for 2 years for a certificate in another field and I am sick of school.

I'd probably take art classes or something, though.
1) Collect the winnings under a pseudonym.
2) Pay off my debts along with my family's.
3) Buy an nice car.
4) Open a trust fund if I ever decide to have kids.
5) Go on about life normally while living off the cash flow my investments make.
6) Make it rain when I'm in my twilight years, because I can't take it with me.
[quote name='emeraldgsl']2 chicks at the same time...[/QUOTE]

why stop at two when you can have seven? go big or go home junior!

I'd go to 4 day work weeks and spend a 5th day volunteering at the humane society or better yet a dog specific shelter. I hate cats so fuck 'em

Do an addition over the garage.


Mesa Boogie Mark V Head

really kick ass chopper
[quote name='nasum']why stop at two when you can have seven? go big or go home junior!


haha its a hassle to do 7 at the same time no?

you would have to allocate your assets among all 7 equally. thats tough to do in a short amount of time unless they bundle up together or something. i guess that process would be called securajizzation hahaha. goddamn investments exam im having tonight.. oh man im so retarted
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1.) Pay appropriate taxes.
2.) Help out family members.
3.) Take half of remaining post tax funds and invest in a variety of asset classes to provide consistant income for the rest of my life.
4.) Blow the rest on cars.
bread's done