Pre-Order Watch Dogs Xbox One,PS4,PS3,Xbox 360, & PC $59.99 w/ $25 E-Gift Card @ Dell

Tempting, but with Mario Kart coming out that same week I don't think I'd get around playing this. 

And like all Ubisoft games this will be on sale by the holidays. 

Good deal for those who need something to play on their next gen systems. 

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Ooo tempting. I have a $25 egc from TitanFall.  I was hoping they'd have this $25 egc offer for MarioKart8 like Kmart did, but maybe I'll just use it on this. 

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I'd just call CS, mention it and see what the say.

There is going to be a history, so by contacting them your putting a time stamp on the gift card deal.

Still as suggested screenshot anyways!
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