PS2 disc reading


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Owned it for 10+ years. It is starting to make groaning noises during startup and when loading. Both PS1/PS2 games themselves still play fine, but this has me worried now.

Any tips/help for those who have had similar issues are appreciated.
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Throw a grenade at it and recode it. Put it on youtube and get a million views and use the proceeds to buy a ps3.
Get a slim. The grinding noise is usually the sign she's about to die. has some reasonably priced used ones.
The discs are slipping. I modded mine some years ago to play the Berserk Import, so it has a flip top (on a fat). A lot of dust and dirt can collect on the rubbery part the disc sits on and that causes the discs to slip. So in my case I can just take a cotton swap with some alcohol and clean that part. In your case you'll need to remove the top half of your PS2 and clean it out. Mine is old too, but still kicking.
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