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I'm slowly getting out of console gaming and focusing more on PC games.

I have the following games for sale/ for trade. Looking for other games (open to offers), steam codes, steam credit, or whatever.
For some titles (noted) I would like to trade for the same title on PC, but I am open to all offers.

All titles are for PS3 and in excellent condition.

:ps3: Mass Effect Trilogy with unused DLC codes. Opened by never played.
:ps3: Borderlands 2 (I hope to trade this same title for Steam version)
:ps3: Blur
:ps3: Dishonored (I hope to trade this same title for Steam version)
:ps3: Duke Nukem Forever
:ps3: PS All-Stars Battle Royal
:ps3: Rayman Origins
:ps3: GTA IV complete. Includes Gay Tony and EFLC.
:ps3: Max Payne 3
:ps3: Heavy Rain
:ps3: Red Dead Redemption
:ps3: Shadows of the Damned
:ps3: Socom 4
:ps3: Tiger Woods '12
:ps3: Uncharted
:ps3: Uncharted 2

Also have an unused Online Pass code for Twisted Metal (PS3).
[quote name='Aceboogz']How much $ for Heavy Rain?[/QUOTE]

I dunno.. How about $15? It is the original game (non-greatest hits). Includes box, cover art, manual, and unused/ unfolded Origami.
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