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PSN+ 3 Months  - $OLD


Paypal Friends/Family

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PS4  :ps4:

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Season Pass
Dark Soul III deluxe edition (includes season pass)
Doom Multiplayer Pack

Fire Watch
Guitar Hero $9.99 Cash (3000 credits)

No Man Sky Limited Edition DLC (Photonix Ship boost, charisma bound resources, boltcaster weapon & theme)


Mighty No 9 (includes PS vita/ps3 version) + DLC skins.





I know it's not a xbox trade place, buy I got fallout 3 code for the Xbox one/360. Will trade for a game that catches my attention if you got a code to trade

No Man Sky preorder ship - $2

Batlleborn First Born pack - $1

Mad Max Ripper - $1



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PSN US or Canadian 10 for $8

PSN 20 for $16

Still need $20

Fallout 4 Season Pass (UK)

Trials Fusion (US)

Call of Duty Black Ops 1 or 2 (US)

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (PS3, US)

Call of Duty Ghosts (PS3, US)

God of War 2 HD (PS3, any region)

other PS3 Call of Duty game codes and other cheap PS3 game codes (no DLC)


Paypal (the invoice is required; to accept invoice payment you need a verified account, I'll pay the transfer fees)

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Free for Free never asked for anything else
You asked for "offers" so that doesnt exactly sound like free :D

But Id be suprised anyone wants it anyways. Just like that no mans sky preorder ship where all your slots will be filled within an hour and you need a bigger one.

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All codes from the US


Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Darwin & Dickens Conspiracy Mission - $1

Assassin's Creed Unity - Chemical Revolution Mission - $1

Batman: Arkham Knight - 2 Exclusive Skins (Justice League 3000 Batman and Classic TV Series Batman) - $1

Batman: Arkham Knight - Scarecrow Nightmare Missions - $2

The Crew - 3 Cars (Mini Coop, BMW Z4, Dodge Ram) - $1

Dead Island Riptide (Definitive Edition) + Retro Revenge - $13

Destiny - Vanguard Armory - $1

Doom - Demon Multiplayer Pack - $3

The Evil Within - The Fighting Chance Pack - $1

Far Cry Primal - Legend of the Mammoth Missions - $3

Homefront: The Revolution - Revolutionary Spirit Pack - $2

Just Cause 3 - 3 Exclusive Weaponized Vehicles - $2

Lords of the Fallen - Demonic Weapons Pack DLC - $1

Lords of the Fallen - The Monk's Decipher DLC - $1

Mad Max - Ripper - $1

Mad Max - Road Warrior Pack - $1

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Day 1 dlc (ballistic shield/cardboard box/snake costume fatigues/mgo boost/adam-ska special) - $3

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Dark Ranger Pack (Playable Character Skin and 'Test of Power" Challenge Mode) - $1

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Blood Hunter Warband and Flesh Burner Warband Missions - $1

Murdered: Soul Suspect - Digital Strategy Map - $1

Overwatch - Noire Widowmaker Skin - $2

Overwatch - Origins Edition Digital Goodies (for several other Blizzard games) - $2

Rainbow Six Siege - Gold Weapons Skin Pack - $2

Rocket League DLC (Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, Chaos Run, plus 4 vehicles) - $10

Toy Soldiers: War Chest - Legendary Heroes Pack - $1

Uncharted 4 - Best Buy DLC (Uncharted 2 Heist Skin/Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Skin/Golden Weapon Skin/300 MP Points) - $5

Watch Dogs - Breakthrough Pack - $2


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Shock Drop Slaughter Pit challenge map - $1

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified - Online Pass - $1

The Darkness II LE dlc (2 unique character abilities - Gourmet Hearts and Relic Hunter / Alternate Darkling outfit) - $1
Darksiders II - Argul's Tomb - $1

Destiny - Vanguard Armory - $1

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z - Goku Naruto Uzumaki Sage Mode Costume - $1

Far Cry 4 - Hurk's Redemption (3 Exclusive Single-Player Missions) and The Impaler Harpoon Gun - $1
God of War: Ascension - Online Pass - $1
GTAV - Atomic Blimp - $1

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Music Album Download (from Ultimate Edition) - $1
L.A. Noire - The Consul's Car - $1

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Dark Ranger Pack (Playable Character Skin and 'Test of Power" Challenge Mode) - $1

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Blood Hunter Warband and Flesh Burner Warband Missions - $1
Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty - $2
Resistance 3 - Online Pass - $1

Saints Row The Third - Online Pass - $1
Saints Row IV - Online Pass - $1

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell - Devil's Workshop Pack - $1

Tomb Raider - Shanty Town multiplayer map - $1

H : Tons of Full Digital Games and DLC  DB Xenoverse PS4 vegeta day one dlc and some Overwatch dlc)


Full Games Digital Downloads / Add On Expansions / Ect.


*Destiny : The Taken King expansion pack (dlc only) - PS3 *$10*

*Star Wars 4 Classic Games (Super Star Wars, Star Wars Racers Revenge, Star Wars Bounty Hunter and Star Wars Jedi Starfighter) - PS4 *$15*

*God of War Origins Collection - PS3 *$10*

*Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid VR Missions - PS3 *$8*

*Call of Duty Black Ops - PS3 *$5*

*Final Fantasy X-2 HD - PS Vita *$12*

*Call of Duty Roads to Victory (The code is for PS Vita but the game is a PSP port) *$6*

*Ratchet and Clank : Quest for Booty - PS3 *$10*

*Minecraft - PS Vita / PS3 *$10*

*Saints Row IV "Gat out of hell" Expansion DLC Code - PS4 *$6*

* The Crew "Wild Run" Expansion DLC Code - PS4 *$15*

*Sly Cooper Thieves in Time - PS Vita *$5*

*Sly Cooper 3 Honor Among Thieves - PS Vita *$10*


DLC Add-On Content


*Overwatch Origins Edition digital goodies DLC, Skins and extra blizzard game bonuses - PS4/PC ( code) *$10*

*Overwatch Widowmaker Noire Pre-Order Skin DLC - PS4 *$7*

* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Mutants in Manhattan Rock N Roll Exclusive Pre-Order DLC - PS3/PS4 *$7$  
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I have a No Man's Sky code for trade. My uncle bought the digital code for me on Amazon but I already bought the disk copy, so it'll be useless if I use it. Name your trade and I'll choose which one interests me the most. Could be either xbox one or ps4. No PC games, I wish I could play PC but I don't have a great PC.

It's a PS4 code btw

:ps4: Paragon Essentials Edition (includes: 6000 Paragon Coins, instant beta access, 5 hero master challenges, 4 hero skins unlocked, 5 rep boosts, product launch exclusive wasteland twinblast skin) - $15 Paypal OBO

:ps4: Rocket League Collectors Edition DLC (3 packs + 4 cars) - $10 Paypal OBO
:ps4: Battleborn Firstborn pre-order DLC pack - $4 Paypal please OBO
:ps4: LittleBigPlanet 3 Day 1 Edition DLC
:ps3: Fallout New Vegas Mercenary Pack DLC
:ps3: Call of Duty Black Ops full game download - $5 PayPal please OBO
:ps3: Madden 16 Preorder Pack (includes 10 MUT Pro Packs + Playmaker Pack) - $5 please OBO
:ps4: Madden 16 Preorder Pack (includes 10 MUT Pro Packs + Playmaker Pack) - $5 please OBO
:ps3: FIFA 15 PS3 Ultimate Edition DLC code (40 gold packs + more)
:ps3: CoD AW PS3 Day Zero DLC pack

Paypal offers/XBL credit


:ps4: No Man's Sky Limited Edition DLC code

( Photonix Core advanced ship boost, Trader Charisma bonus set of valuable resources, and Boltcaster SM weapon blueprint and :ps4: Dynamic theme )



(1) Unravel
(1) Amazon No Man's Sky Pre-Order Bonus
(1) Best Buy No Man's Sky Pre-Order Bonus

Offers (Paypal, Amazon, other console game codes)


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