PSN Gamesharing Feedback Thread

+1 to Amir for selling me Rayman Legends PS4 phantom

+1 to Krashhole for selling me Dragon Age:Inquistion PS4 resell

+1 to Teh Reaper for selling me DragonBallZ  PS3 phantom

+2 to starshadow for letting me rent RE6 and selling me Game of Thrones+ Xcom dlc phantom

+1 to kb420mcl for buying Teslagrad resell from me

+1 to snow vixen for buying Biohazard Remaster resell from me

+1 to pravado for selling me How To Survive(PS4) phantom

+1 to smtipple for renting timeshare of Game of Thrones Ep 1 PS4

+1 to smtipple for renting timeshare of Tales from the Borderlands Ep 1 PS4

+1 to Snow Vixen for BUYING a phantom of Sleeping Dogs DE PS4

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