PSP Deal....yay or nay?


10 (100%)
I have a DS Lite....don't particularly NEED a PSP but it would be nifty to have one

Checked todays classifieds and there is a 'great condition' PSP with 4 games (titles not listed) for 100 bucks. I'm going to call tomorrow and ask if the cords, etc are included and what the titles are. For 100 bucks....or even if i could knock it down to 80, I think I'll just get it. Money is hard to come by, I don't get near enough hours at work and I owe 2268 bucks by March 7 for a trip to Italy.

So should I pick it up or no? :bouncy:
take a few people in the car with you if you find out it's somewhat true. But what you shold do is save your money for Italy. That should be priority #1. Being away from the US is great.
Sounds good, youll need something for your flight to Italy you know, reminds me of when I bought my second PSP off of a guy who was going to sell it to Rhino (he refused thier shoddy offer, so I stepped in)... perfect condition movie, GTA, case, all accessories, POP... I offered 100 bucks... but had to drive to the bank to get the money... felt like a drug deal or something, he let me inspect it before handing over money. worked out well
Hell if it is a good deal pick it up for $100.00 and then sell it on here or on E-Bay as a package, I am sure you would make a nice little profit.
It's probably already gone, but I'd definitely give the guy a call.

Hell, you have almost a year to scrape the money for the Italy trip. Who are you going with?
[quote name='DT778']sounds too good to be true. take someone with you to wait in the car if you go buy it. yay.[/quote] i agree sounds fishy ,anyways really good deal would be a really fool not to get it at that price.
was indeed true, paper came out in the morning and i called around 5 and it was gone. meh. who didnt see that coming? =P

Wubb- Going to Italy with a few friends to see the museums and such.
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